Completely And Utterly Spoiled

You will find that most women complain that their husbands don’t spoil them nearly as much as they should. Women love to be showered with gifts. Wonderful, sweet, and meaningful gifts. Elegant, exquisite, and lavish gifts.  Dark, white, and milk chocolates. Red roses, blue violets, and white orchids. Diamonds, rubies, and pearls. Simple and shiny things.
You will never once hear me complain. My husband spoils me rotten. He surprises me with sweet little gifts here and there. Some are more practical things, such as a bouquet of flowers. But sometimes he decides to go all out. He really knows how to make me smile. 🙂
Yesterday afternoon, he did just that. The mail arrived, and like normal I ran out to see what was in the mail. (I’ve been expecting some killer tickets to the Cubs vs. Dodgers game on 5/26 that I purchased off of Ebay) Just as I predicted, my Cubs tickets had arrived! I did a little dance and screamed like a little girl; but that wasn’t all that came in the mail for me! Turns out, Mario decided to spoil me with one of the most unique, lavish, and shiny gifts that a girl could ever ask for! I opened the envelope and inside held a 1996 Bowman’s Best atomic refractor of Derek Jeter and another atomic refractor from 1997! Sadly, I opened them in the sunlight and the glare from the card nearly blinded me, but after 5 minutes of being legally blind and moving to a shaded area in our house, I was able to enjoy these classic cardboard wonders.
Thanks, babe. 🙂


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