Washington Nationals Vs. Florida Marlins

Yesterday was definitely a great baseball day for me. I was showered with Derek Jeter cards and I got to go see the Marlins kick some Nationals butt! The game was beyond exciting. We didn’t get our ‘special’ seats, but we were sitting right next to the bull pen and had the pleasure of watching Pinto flicking sunflower seeds at innocent bystanders. We also got to see him ‘destitch’ a baseball.Ā  Something tells me he was a little bored…. It was a roller coaster ride of a game. The Marlins had me at the edge of my seat. Mike Jacobs had me develop a love hate thing. He continued to tear through the ball when we needed it most, but he also made a few errors which made me want to run onto the field and slap him silly! Dan Uggla finally got out of his slump and Hanley stole some more bases. Over all, it was an awesome game! Mario and I were even bold enough to leave during the 8th inning, when we were tied with the Nats, to venture off to the player’s parking area, in hopes of meeting Jacobs or Uggla. Sadly, the Marlins park inside the garage, so they are already in their cars by the time they get outside. We did get a lot of love from the opposing team, and I had the chance to meet Pinto, but I got distracted. šŸ˜¦ Maybe next time?

Marlins vs. Nationals
Waiting Outside

Kearns doing some strange exercise

Ryan Zimmerman

Wily Mo Pena
Yeah, he was lookin’ at me šŸ™‚

Amazega, Amazega, Amazega!

Queer. šŸ˜¦

Hanley after waving hello to me! Yay! He was cool! šŸ™‚

The stadium looks so nice when the sun is setting. ā¤

Hermida is now one of my favorites… I now have to buy his jersey…. Don’t ask.

Lalala… maybe I’ll get away with wearing my Marlins cap.

Oh God damn it! I knew I shouldn’t put that in writing!

Billy The Marlin! ā¤

Pinto is a very bad boy….

A very, very bad boy!

Gregg warming up

B.F.F.E! šŸ™‚

Me and Cordero

Me and Milledge

Me and my boy, Wily!



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5 responses to “Washington Nationals Vs. Florida Marlins

  1. Patricia

    Yikes, what great photos!

  2. Fakehorsemuffins

    we need to get a hand check on Mr. Mo Pena…

  3. I think we do.

    Yeah, he was umm… very friendly.

  4. Fakehorsemuffins

    how friendly are we talikn…blog it out girl..

  5. john

    be kind to the new closer ok?

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