Bustin’ Some Spectrum

Well, okay, we didn’t exactly bust a box of Spectrum last night. They are selling those things for WAY too much money, it is almost as if they don’t want anyone to purchase hobby boxes anymore! The night before last, I called numerous card shops looking for Spectrum or Finest. None of these places were sold out(I wonder why), but their prices were ridiculously high. The further the card shop, however, the lower the price, but I did the math and even though the box was a bit cheaper, I would have spent just as much; maybe even more, burning up the gas just to get there and get home.
Luckily, I know of a little place called Walmart. 😉 So, yesterday after work, I stopped by my local Walmart and purchased two blaster boxes of 2008 Spectrum. At $19.97 a box, I was pleased. Especially since each box was guaranteed a memorabilia card. So, if I purchased 5 blasters, I would get 5 “special cards” for $100, versus the five I would get for $150. Good deal, no?
So here is what we pulled, we got a lot of base cards of great players; Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, Alex Rodriguez, etc. The two game used are people I don’t really know, but they are beautiful cards. And besides, I got a crap load of Jeters out of these two little boxes! 🙂 Chances are you probably won’t pull a Bret Michael’s auto… but who the hell cares?!?!
I rate these little blasters at a B+. Affordable, and although not hobby, still very fun to open with a guaranteed hit!



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2 responses to “Bustin’ Some Spectrum

  1. darkship

    Keep your eyes open I’ve got some stuff coming for you that I got from Spectrum. I do like the stuff It’s nice when you know you’re going to get a hit for sure at only $20 too!!

  2. jv

    So far I’ve pulled an ’07 Goudey Babe Ruth Immortals and a SP Hillary Clinton Presidential Predictors from Wal-Mart Blaster Boxes. I guess they’re for more than just cheap ways to build the base sets…which is what I thought when I started buying them.

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