The Infamous Tatiana Says:

The Infamous Tatiana Says: “We traded D-Train and Cabrera for this guy?”

You really have to stop and ask yourself, ‘Does this guy really play for the Marlins?’. If so, then why is he continuously trying so hard to SCREW US! Last time I checked, Badenhop was a starting pitcher for the Florida Marlins, and sadly the last time I checked was while I was watching this evenings game against the Atlanta Braves. In the first inning alone, Badenhop single handedly managed to give up five runs. Yeah, FIVE. Not only is Fredi not taking advantage of the raging talent he has waiting in the AA, but he continues to let this sucker pitch! COME ON FREDI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DO YOU WANT US TO WIN? If I was the manager, I’d send his rear end right back down to the minors and bring up some real talent like Cameron Maybin.
Jesus, we may as well have just backed up our things and left after those five runs in the first inning! What’s the point? Hell, he could have at least thrown in a good pitcher, like Pinto or Lindstrom.
God damn it, Gonzalez! Stop giving me more reasons to hate you!


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  1. He looks like Mr. Bean in that photo.

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