Ever Wonder What A Fried Cuban Looks Like?

Well, you are about to find out! It all began with my wonderful day in the Florida sun with my husband, FakeHorseMuffins and his gal at the Jupiter Hammerheads ball game this afternoon against the Daytona Cubs. I’ve never been to a game at Roger Dean stadium and wasn’t quite sure of what to expect. I wasn’t really thinking of functionality, I was thinking of looking cute. So, like a moron, I dressed in a long sleeve red sweater. Hey, at least I was protected from severe sun damage, right?
Mario and I arrived at the stadium 2 hours before the game and were allowed to go on the field and play catch. I was kind of rusty, so let’s just say I did a lot of running. It was a great work out and I had loads of fun, until instinct overruled what I had been taught and I caught the ball incorrectly and wound up with a bruise and a nice imprint of the ball stitching in my flesh. I played catch for another 15 min after sustaining my injury and then called it quits after the sun sucked away all my energy.
A short while later, Erick(FakeHorseMuffins) and Jamie(his lovely lady) joined us at the game. They even brought a few goodies for Mario and myself! (Thanks! I still can’t stop looking at that ball!) Overall, the game was a hit. The stadium was small and beautiful; very family oriented. They even had $1.00 hot dogs! The Hammerheads were on fire as they got out one Cub after another. At the end of the game, we pulverized the Cubs; 10-0.
Below are some ‘high lights’ from this afternoon’s game, including the fried Cuban I mentioned in the title.


$8.00 tickets, biznatches!

Mr. and Mrs. Wax Heaven

My wound.

The Hammerheads were super nice. They signed autos for a BUNCH of kids!

Me being blinded by the sun.
*Should have been my warning*

Autographed ball by Brett Sinkbeil from FakeHorseMuffins 🙂

More gifts from FakeHorseMuffins!

Number 40, Hammerheads pitcher, Kyle Winters



Me and Hammy!

My man! Logan Morrison, only 20 years old and a minor league sensation!
Definitely the future of the Florida Marlins!

Sunburn? Not so bad… right?

After the game, all the kids were allowed to run around the bases. 🙂

Mmm… the game was fun, but I’m not so happy. I’ll let you guess why.

The Infamous Fried Cuban!
Freakin’ global warming!
For anyone that ever doubted my love for baseball, the 3rd degree burns on my chest and back, as well as the bruise on my left wrist should be more than enough proof! Hey, at least I’m not afraid of the ball! 🙂



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2 responses to “Ever Wonder What A Fried Cuban Looks Like?

  1. Oh my God…in that photo it looks like I have some weird type of comb over.

    I don’t.

  2. Fakehorsemuffins

    nice comb over Mario!!
    PS Ms. FakeHM.com is also a bit red in the upper body area this morning ..it was such a nice cool windy day whod a thunk it!! Me on the sunburn tip.. not so much, the sun is no match for my pastey white skin!!

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