The Florida Marlins Acrobats!

(WARNING: This post may start out a bit negative, but please bare with because I am still recovering from last night’s loss.)

 Do the Florida Marlins hate Andrew Miller or does Andrew just not like it in the pros? After watching last night’s game, I know it has to be one or the other, or possibly both. I am absoultey shocked at the event that occured during the second inning of last nights game. It wasn’t all Miller’s fault, though. You have to question what was going through Hermida’s head when he decided to turn into a ballerina and slide in between Amezaga and Uggla in an attempt to catch what would have been the 3rd out. Instead, they helped Miller give away 6 runs after only 3 innings. Miller was finally taken out, and news reports now show that another reason for Miller’s early exit last night is due to pain in his right knee. Actually, Miller has been battling tendinitis in his knee since his days with the Tigers and after the 2007 season Miller had an MRI, which was examind by the Marlins during the December trade with Detroit. Killer…. 
Miller does fully expect to be ready for his next start which would fall on sunday, unless any changes are made.
I was, however, incredibly impressed with the team’s determination to catch up to the Dodgers. I, for one, never thought it would have been possible. What happened during the first 3 innings is inexcusable, but the determination that these boys showed was remarkable. We had 3 very memorable and unbelievable plays last night. The first two came in the 6th inning included Uggla’s crazy leap into the crowd to catch a foul ball and the Alfredo ‘The Flying Mexican’  Amezaga’s dive to catch what would have been Ethier’s run scoring hit! Then in the 8th inning, Hermida made up for his 2nd inning mess up by quickly relaying the ball to Uggla, then to home plate just in time for Rabelo to get plowed by DeWitt. Luckily, Rabelo held on strong and got the out.  After a certain point, I forgot I was watching a ball game and began to think Ringling Brother’s Circus was on the t.v.!
Emotions were flying high last night, as we battled and finally tied with the Dodgers. But it all came crashing down during the top on the ninth off of Kevin Gregg, Kent singled Ethier home and were back to a one run lead. We had a chance to regain our tie, but with an insane oriental pitcher and our crappy line up, we didn’t stand much of a chance. Hell, one of our batters up had a sprained middle finger!
This was a really tough loss for the Marlins. Hopefully this evening Scott Olsen will help us crush the Dodgers and put that team in their place!


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  1. It was an awesome game and to think you didn’t even want to watch it. I hope now you have a little more respect for Dan Uggla.

    Next up: getting him to sign a card for us this Friday!

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