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Mariah Carey: A New Baseball Sensation

After seeing this amazing video today of Mariah Carey throwing the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game yesterday, I can proudly say that she puts Taylor Tankersley to shame. Let’s just say that this was the most impressive display of baseball that I have ever seen. Watch and enjoy as Mrs. Mariah Carey-Cannon wiggles to the mound with two incredibly creepy mascots and throws her magical pitch. Her wind up is simply to die for. Don’t be surprised if you see her name pop up on the Florida Marlins roster as Tankersley’s replacement, or perhaps even Justin Miller’s after last night’s display against the Mets!


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Wrigley Field and The Chicago Cubs

As all of you probably know by now, I attended a game on May 26th, Memorial Day, at Wrigley Field. Cubs vs. Dodgers. I know it’s a few days later and I should have posted about it that same day or the very next day at the most, but I decided to go completely blond after the ball game, and well yesterday I got home WAY past my bed time due to the fact that Spirit Airlines wanted to delay my flight a few hours. So here we go, I will finally tell you what I thought of Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs…. It was AWESOME! The day couldn’t have been anymore perfect! Sure, I had a cold due to the fluctuating weather conditions, but the day of the game was beautiful. No clouds, all sun, and 80 degree weather!
The day started with my cousin picking me up at the hotel and taking me to the station. We took the train (so cool) and then the bus the rest of the way. I am glad we didn’t try to park over there. There were thousands of cars and parking was beyond expensive. Even McDonald’s and Taco Bell whored out their parking to make a profit!
Once we arrived and got off the bus, all I saw was red, white, and blue. There were Cubbie fans EVERYWHERE! It was a mob! My cousin then tugged on my shirt and told me to turn around. My eyes widened, my mouth dropped, and as pathetic as this may sound, tears began to well up in my eyes. It was beautiful. Wrigley Field was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of this stunning piece of history, and even more, I couldn’t believe all the people that were there!
I began to do some shopping, snapped a photo with a Cub, and then made my way inside the stadium with my cousin. Even with 1 1/2 hours before the game was to begin, the stadium was already beginning to fill up. The bleachers were already packed by the time I reached my seat. I continued to look around and soak it all in. My cousin babbled on about how old and “rinky dinky” the stadium is. “We don’t even have an electric score board. It’s some guy that changes the numbers.” I thought that was the coolest thing, of course. Sure the stadium is old and may not be ‘high tech’, but this stadium holds glorious memories that are worth so much more. This stadium was so gorgeous, I would move to Chicago simply to go to games there.
As I continued to stare in awe, ‘God Bless America’ and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ both blared from an organ and were sung and an American Eagle flew around the stadium.
The game then began and the first inning alone was enough to make me happy. Derek Lee hit a two run homer and Juan Pierre of the LA Dodgers ran like a little boy in between third and home plate and eventually accepted that he was out. I couldn’t help but chuckle during that play. Dempster then gave up a run scoring single to Pierre, but Aramis Ramirez hit one in the eighth that won the game for the Cubs, 3-1. The excitement lasted all throughout the game. There was never a dull moment. The $120.00 I spent on the tickets and then the $80.00+ spent on food and souvenirs were all very well worth it. I am hoping to come up to Chicago one more time before the end of the season, but if monetary issues do get in the way (as they typically do) I will definitely make a trip up for next season, and next time I will attend a Cubs and White Sox game. 🙂

Waiting for the train

Here it comes!

Mr. Cub and I

Wow. Just wow.

The view from our seats. Not too shabby. I was very pleased. 🙂

Still a good hour before the game and already more attendance than a typical Marlins game.

Hey, how’s it going? 🙂

They were fans when the Cubs last won the World Series…. 😉

Juan Pierre doing a little dance. Thriller?

The surrounding buildings even have bleachers! And they are full!

Sportin’ the groovy Cubs hat I purchased only minutes before.

The American Bald Eagle flying.


Hey, Marlins fans! Eat your hearts out! This is what a real attendance looks like!
Think we can accomplish this sometime? 41,000+!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cousin and I right before the game began. Go Cubbies!

Derek Lee right about to homer!

Dempster pitching.

Juan Pierre

He had an itch….


Kerry Wood doin’ what he do!

#7 James Loney up to bat. All eyes are on him!

Yep. We won! Am I a good luck charm or what?!?! 🙂

The Cubbie drummer boys!

Someone thought it would be funny to put a beer in Harry Caray’s hand.
Not too amusing since he was an alcoholic. 😦

All apologies for not posting any sooner, but here is the outcome of my dye job!:

As a blond. A golden blond. 🙂

Thanks to Chicago for being so incredibly amazing. You will always be home. 🙂 ❤


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Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

At approximately 1:20pm (central time), I will be sitting in section 229, row 17 in Wrigley Stadium. As a Chicago native, I am ashamed to say that this is my very first visit to this beautiful stadium, but better late than never! Tomorrow afternoon, the Cubbies will be facing the Dodgers. The very team that put my Florida Marlins to rest. Hopefully the Cubbies with defeat these guys, at least just tomorrow!
I can’t describe how excited I am to finally be in my home town watching a sport that I simply adore. A sport that has become a part of me. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate to make tomorrow the perfect day!
Now, I know there are a few Chi-town readers, so I hope to see you guys out there tomorrow! If you can make it, I look forward to meeting you guys. If not, watch the game on the television, I might just my flashed on there! Regardless of whether you can come to or watch the game, have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

Ready for the game! GO CUBBIES! (Is this considered cheating on the Marlins?)



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The Infamous Tatiana In The Windy City

Hey Everyone,

The Infamous Tatiana here. I am officially in the windy city and it is wonderful! I am convinced that this is the land of baseball. In the airport alone, 35% of the travelers on my plane were wearing a Cubbies shirt/ jersey; not to mention the 5 people at the Avis car rental! It may be the fact that I am originally from here, but I feel like I belong! The Infamous Tatiana and family moving up north to baseball central? It’s an idea! The baseball fan base here is 5 times larger than the one in Florida! The Marlins are hot right now and the fan base is nonexistent. It’s ridiculous.
Marlins fans, shape up! Don’t do what you did in 1997 and 2003. Don’t just magically appear when they win the world series!

Just a warning, my posts may be shorter while I am here. I am using a laptop and it is ridiculous. That and I am working with Vista. I am hanging myself as I type. I do have family with desktops, however, so maybe I will be lucky and later today I will get to write about how Andrew Miller shut down the Diamondbacks! GOOOO MARLINS!



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David Slays Goliath

Just like the biblical story of David and Goliath, Ricky Nolasco was set to face the Goliath of his time, Brandon Webb. All thought Ricky’s defeat what inevitable and his victory was improbable; but just like in the story, Nolasco stood strong, obviously had some faith, and took what was his, the win.
At stake was Webb’s chance of making history, and it was Nolasco’s chance to break it. Perhaps it was being matched up against one of the league’s best pitchers, or maybe it was knowing that the entire baseball world would be watching this game, but you could tell Ricky meant business yesterday evening. Last night’s game was a thrilling and exciting game. I may need to stop watching baseball because the last two games nearly gave me a fatal heart attack!
Last night, everyone did their part and they all worked together as a team. Ross played center field and Amezaga played SS, giving Hanley the day off and hopefully helping him get out of that slump he is in. Diamondbacks scored the first run, but not too far after, the Fish scored with Treanor hitting a sac bunt and Gonzo running it in to home plate. We were now tied, which was good, but not good enough.
Something very unexpected occurred next. Cody Ross hit a home run! That homer gave The Fish the lead. By this point, the game was getting me anxious. Lindstrom walked a couple of players and was then set to face two men very capable of hitting a home run. If all these men scored, The Fish would have been done for sure. Luckily, Lindstrom was able to strike the men out and we left this inning in the clear.
In the next inning, Uggla hit his 17th double this season. Gonzo then followed with a single to center, allowing Uggla to score. The score was now 3-1, Fish. All we had to do now was hold our ground and not put Taylor Tankersley in the game. The last two innings were easy ones, but incredibly crucial. If anything went wrong, it would have cost us the game. But we held on and by following those two rules, the Florida Marlins denied Webb his 10th win!


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Just Because It’s Cheap, Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It

If you were walking passed a yard sale and saw a two legged dog for sale, would you buy it? What if it was only $3.00? Probably not, right? Sure, it’s a steal on the dog, but would you really have any use for it? Come on, it’s a two legged dog; I’m pretty sure it would just make your kids cry.
Which brings me to the yard sale that the Florida Marlins obviously passed by recently, sure what they picked up wasn’t damaged like the two legged dog, but the Florida Marlins don’t really have a spot to put it in. While outfielder Jacque Jones would probably be a good boost for the Florida Marlins, no one is quite sure where he fits in. Even manager, Fredi Gonzalez, is a bit unsure himself.
Gonzalez has made it rather clear, however, that as long as Jones has a uniform, he will be playing. Jones can help the Marlins in any of the three outfield positions, but they are scheming to use him anywhere suited. No one has made any official plans for Jones, but as I write this, Jones is in Jupiter, FL getting ready for his debut with the Florida Marlins. Just yesterday, Jacque hit two home runs!
As for Alfredo Amezaga and Cody Ross, I think they willing be seeing some more bench time when Jacque does come up. As an Amezaga fan, I am outraged! Sure he is only batting .228 right now, but he is AMAZING in the outfield. He has saved us numerous times, and I’m not exactly so sure Jones will be able to do the same. But alas, I’m not the Florida Marlins manager.


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While many fans will be rushing to the stadium during the next three days to see players like Randy Johnson, Brandon Webb, and Justin Upton, my grand wish would have been to make it down to Dolphin Stadium simply to catch a glimpse of the man that greatly contributed to the 1988 World Series win, Kirk Gibson. After watching a special on HBO, and learning about Gibson’s story, not only did I cry like a baby, but I became inspired. This man could barely walk due to a severe injury in both legs, and still he wanted to play for his team in the World Series. I’ve never seen such dedication.
In the first game of the series, Gibson waddled up to bat in the 9th inning. Facing then future Hall-of-Famer, Dennis Eckersley, Gibson braced himself for the pitch. Two men on the bags, two outs, and a full count. The pressure was on. With an awkward swing, Gibson smacked that ball over the right field fence, scoring a 3-run homer! Gibson wobbled around the bases as his team mates jumped with glee! With all odds stack high against them that year, the Dodgers won the series.
Sadly, due to severe monetary issues, I will not be able to travel to Dolphin Stadium to catch a glimpse of a living legend. Luckily, however, the Diamondbacks return in the end of June. Perhaps then I will get to watch as my Florida Marlins go up against a team coached by a hero.

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