Florida Marlins vs. San Diego Padres

Being the Infamous Tatiana sure does have its benefits. From meeting super cool players like Miller to Willy Mo, to scoring free gifts, being infamous is just an all around thrill. Two weeks ago, after the Washington Nationals game, I met a security guard that offered to get me free tickets to some games, claiming that I was “definitely cute enough”. Against Mario’s better judgment, I gave him my number and hoped for the best. A week later, I got a phone call from Mitch (not sure where Mario got ‘Keith’ from?) and he invited us to last night’s game. Seats were right behind the opposing teams dug out, giving us access to great shots, numerous foul balls, and a good view of the ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Manatees’. Mitch even took the day off so he could watch the game with us. We also found out it was Mitch’s birthday, so we bought him a celebratory Bud; I even somehow conned Mario into getting me a $15.00 drink. Things couldn’t possibly get any better, right? In the fifth inning, however, our wonderful birthday boy brought us down to the best seats in the house. The field seats. Seeing Mike Jacobs butt up close was unreal! The “Flying Mexican” even blew me a kiss as he ran by us to get into position! It was amazing. To our left we had Jacobs butt, to our right we had Pinto working on another one of his famous masterpieces, and in front of me I had Billy The Marlin doing a little dance. So awesome! : )
So, aside from the killer seats, the Marlins game itself wasn’t so bad. 😉 Amezaga hit a double, right thereafter Hermida hit one into center field, allowing Speedy Gonzalez to score a run. Uggla gave us two homeruns; even Gonzo gave us a Homerun! In the end, it was another wonderful game with the Florida Marlins winning the first game of their three game series with the Padres last night(scoring 6-4). Welcome to Marlin Country, baby! 🙂

What a strange and arrogant little person.
He signed some autos, but seemed very annoyed.

Joyner. Ignored me that whole time I called out his name. I just wanted to say HI!
Signed a few autos after the game, but again very annoyed. Also, rejected a photo with me.
Wally World, my ass. >:'(

Hendrickson doing his thang!

Amezaga after hitting his double. I LOVE AMEZAGA!
You rock for blowing me a kiss! Viva Mexico!

Hermida hitting the ball that helped Amezaga score!

Jacobs! I missed you!

GONZO! I LOVE YOU! Thanks for the HR! 🙂

Mr. Ramirez. EVERYONE seems to hate him over here! Sucks to be you, Hanley!

Uggla about to hit his first HR of this game. Let’s go, Uggla!

After the HR! UGG-LA-LA! WHOO-HOO!

Cantu chillin out at third.

Ah, close up of Jacobs… uh…. number?
Field seats are AWESOME!

Bull pen! What’s up Justin Miller! Hey Pinto, standing there awkwardly on the right!

Me and Billy! WOO HOO! 🙂

Oh, but what is this little surprise during the ninth inning?

Owen Wilson and what was supposed Kate Hudson filming.
Who uses a stunt double to run? Talk about lame.
Seeing Owen was way cooler than what seeing Kate would have been, though.
***UPDATE*** Just found out it was Jennifer Aniston, not Kate Hudson. Oops. 🙂

The coolest ball player EVER! He definitely came over with out hesitation as I obnoxiously yelled out his name and asked for a photo! He even went as far as to call me ‘sweet heart’, twice! Thanks, Tony the Tiger, for being a class act! Unlike teammate Jake Peavy that shushed his adoring fans.
Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you! Jerk. >:'(

***Special thanks to Mitch for the wonderful evening! Sorry we couldn’t party afterwards, Mario had some GTA4 playing to do! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and we look forward to our next outing! :)***



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3 responses to “Florida Marlins vs. San Diego Padres

  1. anon

    Uh, helloooo…..that’s Jennifer Aniston.

  2. Like it truly makes a difference?

    Guess that’s why it didn’t look like Kate Hudson. 🙂

  3. So that’s where they are filming Marley & Me. I’ve heard that was a decent book, but never checked it out. I suppose any book is bound to be made into a movie nowadays.

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