Blogs: The dumbing down of America?

Buzz Bissinger seems to think so.
On the April 29th edition of HBO’s ‘Costas Now’ program, we touched basis on how our old reliable ways of getting information on sports (newspapers and television) are now being overshadowed by talk radio and yes, online blogs. The talk radio segment wasn’t so bad, ‘Dog’ from ‘Mike and The Mad Dog’ (New York) got lucky and wasn’t paired up with a complete psycho, but Will Leitch, editor, wasn’t as fortunate. While Leitch was still able to hold his own, he was being drastically attacked by Mr. Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights, Bob Costas, and Braylon Edwards. It was three against one. Costas and Mr. Edwards weren’t so aggressive, but Bissinger went ballistic. He mentioned that bloggers are unprofessional, that their material is objective and distasteful. He even went as far as to accuse Leitch of being bias because he is a St. Louis Cardinals fan. (How ridiculous.) While many blogs can be derogatory and not “up to par” it is unfair to throw every blog owner into one big pot. That’s like saying that all black people steal and all whites are inbreds.
Blogging is something completely new, and while many may not understand it, they should always try to remember that change is a good thing. Blogs are meant for the younger generation, a new breed of sports fans, if you will. As a blogger, I am not trying to pretend that I represent CBS news. My posts are not built up of crude fabrications, they are, however, made up of opinions and personal experiences. For example, my encounter with Barry Bonds. While this post may have raised a few eyebrows, I do not regret sharing my personal experience with Bonds in any way, nor do I think my expressing my disdain for him “lowered his image”. He did that very well on his own. Also, my post on Burke Badenhop. Perhaps there was a behind the scene reason as to why he is not pitching very well. Do I care? Not really, no. My opinion is simply that he sucks. I by no means tarnish these people’s images nor do I encourage anyone to hate or harm these people in any way. It’s just an opinion. Thankfully, we live in a country where we can freely express ourselves, be it through print, television, the radio, or the internet.
It’s not even the fact that this grumpy old man expresses his angst towards freedom of speech for the common blogger. It’s the incredible display of hypocrisy. He comes onto the set, all high and mighty; and filled with arrogance. He comes armed with, obviously, one of his favorite articles from and this man was completely ready for war. He explains how bloggers are uneducated, lacking in credentials, are derogatory, are the future “dumbing down of America”. Every other word out of this man’s mouth is, “My a$$” this, “F@%k” that. Mr. Bissinger became all that he loathed.
Poor Leitch was expecting civil discussion, instead what he received was a complete psycho of a man that cannot accept change. I’m sorry, Mr. Bissinger, if you cannot take in this new concept, but the world will keep turning as you sit in your chair holding your little Pulitzer Prize in your hand and try to fathom how things could have possibly turned into what they are today. That’s just how the cookie crumbles, my friend.



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3 responses to “Blogs: The dumbing down of America?

  1. The state of journalism in this country has gone completely to the dogs and the mainstream outlets still have the nerve to criticize bloggers for picking up their slack. There are wars, a recession, energy and food shortages and a government run amok in this country but the political journalists still think what a presidential candidate’s preacher said once is the most important issue. Sports “journalists” are even worse, they think a player taking HGH to get off the DL more quickly or an NFL team taking a practice are even more important stories than the preacher. News has turned into entertainment and the entertainment reporters think they are actually important now. Shaddup and report the damn score already you hack and quit complaining about people who pay attention to the thing you are reporting.

    This thing with blogs is that people have been publishing their thoughts, writings and opinions for as long as publishing has existed. It just used to be harder when you had to type it out by hand or mimeograph it or pay for a small publishing run. With the internet it’s incredibly easy to publish stuff and people are taking advantage of it. People like discussing things they enjoy! These wonks who think that they are the only ones worthy of being read because they are paid by a multi national corporation are arrogant fools who are undermining their own position. The way people get their news and information is changing every day and they need to adapt or go away. Cussing out people who make of their shrinking readership isn’t a smart move.

    One more statement and I’ll quit ranting: Bloggers should keep blogging. What we have to say is as important as anything published by these so called professionals.

  2. Well said, you two. I worked on Capitol Hill for many years and it seemed the few remaining Real Journalists were the ink-stained wretches, the print reporters. Which, minus the ink, is what bloggers happen to be. They aren’t in thrall to major corporations telling them what they must focus on and how fluffy their hair ought to look. When it comes to new insights and real innovation in political AND sports writing the best journalism now is in magazines and on the web. And the TV/cable people seem aware of that–they are sure looking over their shoulders a lot.

  3. And while the Real Journalists and the decent outlets seem to be shrinking on a daily basis, the people in charge keep filling our heads full of excrement like scripted “reality” shows and TMZ. The smallest things get blown way out of proportion and the stories that used to make the top of the news are being swept under the rug.

    I can usually notice when something is being swept under the rug and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Every day, I have to filter through more garbage to get to the real news. It feels like I’m buried up to my neck in sand and when I get close to breaking free, the tide comes in a compacts the sand down.

    I enjoy sharing my opinions and welcome the opinions of others on the subject. Isn’t that the basis of learning? I monitor the comments my posts get and if someone has the wrong impression, I follow up with an explanation so they can understand my point of view better. If I am wrong in an opinion, I’m not afraid to admit that I was wrong or misinformed.

    Bob Costas should be ashamed of this experience. I expect better things from him. He has built a reputation that should be beyond this type of bombardment.

    The reaction of Mr. Bissinger, shows that he is afraid of change. Just because someone doesn’t have the proper credentials, doesn’t mean that they are not qualified enough to do a decent job. Isn’t America full of no experience/upstart success stories? I used to think so.

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