Florida Marlins vs. San Diego Padres Pt.2

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am completely obsessed with baseball, but I guess that’s why this site is “fortheloveofbaseball.com”, right? I find myself wanting to only see movies related to baseball. When regular television is on, I need to be watching a game, and if it’s one of the nights that the Florida Marlins have off, I throw a fit and then settle for another game on the tv. I stalk the news waiting for the sports segment, and immediately after the baseball rundown, I search for a game. I have even noticed that now Mario is the one that wants to watch Family Guy and I am the one begging for just one more inning.
With all that being said, it only seems natural that I would attend two games in the same weekend… right? After Friday night’s game, all I could think about was going to another game. And after seeing the win Friday night and the loss Saturday night, I even somehow convinced myself that I am the Florida Marlins good luck charm. So, it was definitely a must to attend this afternoons game (with Mario and I wearing our lucky Marlins bracelet, of course), and just as I suspected, we won. Even with all the negativity…. A gentleman on 790TheTicket even said, “One of two things will happen today, either Greg Maddux will win his 350th game or Andrew Miller will be one step closer to the minors”. Well, in your face Mr. Nameless 790TheTicket man! WE WON! πŸ™‚
Mario and I arrived early as usual, and after being spoiled with seats that no longer required me to squint to see what was going on, we had to get similar seats. After spending close to $100.00 on tickets alone, I was very pleased when I received a carnation and Marlins visor as a Mother’s Day gift from the Florida Marlins. I was even more pleased when we made it to our seats and I saw that we were finally able to witness the Marlins batting practice! I made sure to bring along my baseball I got from Friday nights game and a sharpie just in case Amezaga or Pinto would sign. As we arrived, I saw Amezaga up to bat. After putting on a show, I said my signature hello and he warmly smiled and waved back at me. This alone was enough to put me on cloud nine, but after batting practice was over I decided to grow ‘some’ and called out Alfredo’s name and asked him to sign my ball. I was floored when I saw him run over to me and I nearly began to cry as I told him how much I loved him. He responded with a thank you, quickly sign and tossed back my ball and then hid in the dug out. He signed for me, and only me. It was amazing. Amazing Amezaga. I couldn’t stop shaking for at least 10 minutes. (I have also decided to temporarily retire from Jeter and focus on my Marlins boys. Don’t get me wrong, if I find a Jeter I like, I will most certainly go after it, but I want to devote myself to my hometown boys!)
When the game was finally about to begin, Miller game to the mound looking a bit worried, but with more confidence than I had ever seen him with in the past. Miller pitched 6 beautiful innings, his longest start of this 2008 season, only giving away 1 home run and a run. Maddux, however, assited in letting the Marlins score our first 5 runs of the game, including Uggla’s glorious homer. Maddux was taken out of the game after Cody Ross surprised us all when hitting a single into right field which scored in Luis Gonzalez. We even got to see Bud Black get ejected from the game for arguing a called strike! In the end, the Florida Marlins went on to win this last game of their 3 game series with the Padres, 10-3.
I for one was beyond proud of Andrew Miller. He really earned this win and has secured his spot in the line up for at least one more game. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, Andrew. Just keep making me proud!
Like normal, we left in the top of the ninth and listened to the rest of the game from our car. We then proceeded to our spot my the team bus parking and waited. Since this was their day for departure, players were “forbidden” to sign for fans. Luckily, that did not stop some of them! Wally Joyner walked straight to the bus this time, as did Mr.Maddux (understandably), and practically everyone else on the team. Pitcher Heath Bell and former Yankee player (now the voice of the Padres) Jerry Coleman came over to sign and pose. Thanks, guys, for taking some time for your fans! It is greatly appreciated!
Reynel Pinto, the Marlins Picasso, also took some time for his fans and signed from his car! I ran over to his car and arrived just in time (out of breath and a little sweaty, but still looking cute) to get another ball signed. I am proud to say I was successful in getting my two favorite Marlins autos, and in one day!

Sportin’ my old Cabrera jersey and the gifts from the Marlins! πŸ™‚

Amezaga listening to me tell him that I love him so much

Signing for me!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

The Lucky Marlins Bracelets

Miller spittin’ nothin’ but FIRE!

Maddux. Eh, not so hot.

Two autos of my favorites Marlins in one day.
Damn, I’m good. πŸ™‚
Thanks so much Amezaga and Pinto for taking a few seconds to sign for a true fan.
Both balls are on display in my home. I LOVE YOU GUYS! ❀


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