Miguel Tejada: Houston Astros Angel

It’s funny how everyone quickly forgets about all the “lying” that Tejada has done as of late, and can suddenly glorify a man that they persecute. Now, if Tejada truly took steroids, I am not justifying that at all, but as some of you may remember, Miguel was backed into a little corner during an ESPN interview and then attacked about his age. For some, this was a serious offense, but for others, people that can truly understand why he lied, it was just a way out of a Dominican slum. I think it is ridiculous to crucify a man for trying to better himself. Miguel Tejada is a great athlete and a genuine person. He definitely proves the latter during a May 2nd game against the Milwaukee Brewers.
Miguel met a young boy that same day that would change his life forever. Jacob Scott, an 8 year old victim of Muscular Dystrophy, touched Tejada so much that he was promised a home run on this night of the game. All Tejada wanted to do for this child was to make him happy, and during their lunch he knew that this is how he would do it. Tejada had never done such a thing before, but having made the vow to this ailing youngster, he knew that he had to deliver.
The Astros were down by two before Tejada’s two run shot to Villanuevas with one out in the sixth. Lance Berkman followed with a homer to nearly the exact same spot, giving Houston the lead. Carlos Lee then completed the string of home runs.
It was the fifth time the Astros had hit three straight homers. The time before came on August 31 of 2004, when Berkman teamed with Carlos Beltran and Jeff Bagwell. To make this all even better, Citgo promised to donate $10,000 to the Muscular Dystrophy Association for every home run the Astros hit Friday.
Tejada was able to keep his promise and the entire Astros team was able to contribute to making this child smile. This is what baseball is about.


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