Brushed Off By The Brewers

Despite the incredibly low attendance, last nights game was AWESOME! Whenever I get to come to games like these, I simply smile and think, “Yeah, their loss”. It’s the non supportive Florida Marlins fans loss because they miss out on beautiful plays like the ones that Amezaga pulled off last night, or what about those stunning homers that Cantu and Uggla ran out of the park! Seeing the Marlins play in person is always a thrilling and exhilarating experience for me. It is also very rewarding to see these men put their hearts into the game. I am very proud to call the Florida Marlins MY team.
In all honesty, I do still dislike Burke Badenhop. His one win doesn’t set my nerves at ease. When this becomes something consistent, I will be fine, but for now I’ll still worry. I did, however, greatly enjoy watching Badenhop strike out the fat @$$ Prince Fielder. (Sorry Mario, I know he’s your “boy”.) Fielder could barely run, Braun didn’t live up to my expectations, and Bill Hall leaves much to be desired. Bottom line, the Florida Marlins put the Brewers to sleep last night winning the game 6-2.
After the game, we made attempt at getting some photos with a Brewer or two, but the entire team ignored our pleas, even announcer Bob Eucker walked right passed our screams with out even so much as a flinch. I think that was partially due to his loss of hearing due to old age, not to mention that monstrous blue tooth in his ear. Ben Sheets was mobbed by a group of children on his way over to his car, and was actually kind enough to sign; unfortunately, he ruined the kindness by pushing one of the kids off of him for accidentally brushing up against his phone while attempting to retrieve a freshly autographed ball. When the child came back, I asked him to show me the ball. He looked at me with sadness written all over his face and said, “I don’t like Sheets anymore. He is a jerk.” Way to go, Ben. Fielder quickly waddled onto the bus while sportin’ his “phat” tattoo and Braun was mistaken for just an extreme metro sexual, so he went by almost completely unnoticed.
As disappointing as it was to be completly brushed off by the Brewers, I’m just glad we kicked their butts yesterday evening and hope to finish up the series doing just that! Keep your fingers crossed!

Badenhop winding up


Hermida– Ormiga! WOO HOO!

Hanley and fat @$$.

A solo shot of fat @$$

One of Amezaga’s killer catches of the night.
Thanks to ESPN for the photo. 🙂

Cameron and Braun

The Infamous Tatiana. Slightly tipsy and VERY pleased!


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  1. It was hilarious that I have stared at so many Ryan Braun baseball cards but when he was in front of me I could not recognize him for the life of me!!! He looks like a dorky High School kid.

    Prince, well….maybe next time. 😦

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