A “Scrub” Replaces A “Star”

When I first began this site, I had like a major hard on for Derek Jeter. For me, he was the “perfect” ball player. Sure, he probably has 8 different kinds of herpes, but he was a great person on and off the field, or so I thought. My Jeter obsession began to deteriorate after seeing him live during a March 28th Spring training game against the Florida Marlins. I know he is a “high class” Yankee, but it’s Spring Training, and even if you don’t want to sign for your fans, at least have the decency to smile and wave! So needless to say, after seeing the complete arrogance that came from Jeter, I was completely heart broken. Even though time has passed and I have received cards from trades and as gifts from Mario, I never fully recovered from the experience, and therefore never fully enjoyed them. I haven’t even bought a Jeter card from Ebay or a card shop since that fateful day. So, I have decided to put my Jeter collection to rest. I have successfully built up a collection of 300 cards. Cards from every year, beginning in 1992 with a minor league card. I even have a game used of every kind, including autos, game used jersey, game used ball, game used base, etc. I can proudly say that I completed my collection up to my standards, and over 15 trades and $500+ later, I have decided to retire Jeter.
But please, do not fear! I have found a replacement, and this one is close to home. As most of you have suspected, I have come to like Alfredo Amezaga. He may not be the most popular or best hitter, but the way this man plays baseball is amazing. You can really tell he loves the game. It’s more than just baseball, to him. It’s a way of life. He sacrifices his body to make the craziest plays, and I really respect and love that about him. Not to mention, I had the pleasure of meeting him (kind of) and he was super sweet. The Amazing Amezaga, or “The Flying Mexican”, has now become my new hero. Sure, one of my girlfriend’s thinks he looks like a gremlin and everyone thinks I should be investing in Hanley, but I think Alfredo has a terrific smile and everyone you can keep your Hanley, I’m going to stick with my Amezaga!
My collection of Amezaga now stands at 3 baseball cards(2006 Topps, 2008 Topps, and 2008 UD) with a “practice” used and signed baseball(it even has ‘practice’ in scripted on one side!), which he signed for me personally! 🙂
If anyone has any Amezaga cards or memorabilia they would like to trade, sell, or give me as a Mother’s Day gift(my birthday is coming up soon, too! 🙂 ), etc. please contact me!

Florida Marlins player, Alfredo Amezaga #4, performing one of those crazy plays I mentioned earlier!


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2 responses to “A “Scrub” Replaces A “Star”

  1. lonestarr

    I have a whole mess of Marlins rookies. I’ll see if anything Amezaga turns up.

    His name is really fun to say, btw.

  2. Ralph

    Great job covering our team!!!

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