Looks Like I May Be Stuck With Hanley Ramirez

I have a love hate/thing going on with Florida Marlins short stop, Hanley Ramirez. I love that he contributes greatly to the team, at times; but I hate that he is incredibly arrogant, inconsiderate, and sometimes just acts like he doesn’t care. Then, to top it all off, after meeting a ‘”baseball insider” and getting certain details about Hanley, my image of him deteriorated even more. Don’t get me wrong, I do value him as a player and I do agree that we will continue to benefit from having him on our team; I just don’t really like him as a person. He does have his moments, however. Last weekend, I witnessed him playing catch with a child in the stands, but even that moment was ruined when my mind began to wonder, “Hey, is this just a facade he is putting on?”. Now, I will always go nuts and cheer when he hits a HR or steals a base, but I just have my certain pet peeves about the guy. Like when he is up to bat and makes a hit. Instead of running and actually trying to get to 1st base, he strolls. I HATE that.
I guess I will just need to learn to cope and get over it, because according to the Florida Marlins news section, Hanley is expected to sign a long term deal with the fish. Ramirez will get a 6 year- $70 million contract. The deal is not expected to be formally announced for at least a couple of days. Hanley is now batting .336 with eight home runs and 21 RBIs.
Alright, Hanley, I’m gonna tie up my boots and get ready for 6 more years of Ramirez. Just please don’t act like the next A-Rod.



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4 responses to “Looks Like I May Be Stuck With Hanley Ramirez

  1. I cannot believe you are complaining about the guy leading our team in average, stolen bases, and runs. Without him, we certainly would not be in first place.

    Maybe you should tell your “insider” to keep those stories to herself!

  2. John

    Do want to know what I hate? You. Everything you said in this shitty little essay you came up with is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve seen Hanley play enough to know he doesn’t act arrogant or inconsiderate. It seems as though you just made this shit up in your own fucked up head. Oh and this “baseball insider”, who was that your brother? In conclusion you don’t know shit about baseball. Stop your bitching and start appreciating one of the most talented, dynamic players in baseball. I’ve got a little tip for you, start watching a different sport like soccer, because you obviously do not know anything about baseball.

  3. Mike

    Stuck with Hanley Ramirez? Are you out of your mind? There’s no better young player in baseball than Ramirez and you’re saying you’re stuck with him. Also, where is all this crap about him being arrogant and not caring come from. It sounds like you just hate him for no reason. Anyone with a brain would love to have Hanley Ramirez on their team. He’s the only reason to watch the Marlins.

  4. First and foremost, thanks for the comments, but you are both absolutely ridiculous. Since when was it wrong for someone to hold their own opinion? Thank your lucky stars that you folks have never witnessed Hanley’s arrogance. I am glad your image of him has not been ruined. Mine, sadly, has.
    The ‘not caring’ portion of my opinion comes from seeing him strolling to first base. Perhaps it’s the recent change in line up, but damn, he should try a little harder.
    If your interested in seeing who my baseball insider is, please check out Wax Heaven’s “Confessions of a Baseball Groupie” post.
    Hanley Ramirez IS NOT the only reason to be watching the Marlins. Maybe if you had cable, you would have seen the grand slam hit by Dan Uggla. I am not sure that you folks read my entire post. “Don’t get me wrong, I do value him as a player and I do agree that we will continue to benefit from having him on our team; I just don’t really like him as a person.” I do think he is a valuable asset to the Florida Marlins. All of my negative opinions towards him are strictly personal.
    It’s obvious you both think I am absolutely insane for having the opinion that I do. But it is my opinion and you can never take that away from me. Unless Hanley stops behaving the way he does OFF the field, I am not going to worship him.
    John, you can go ahead and kiss my left ass cheek. Mike, the right one is all yours.
    Learn how to respect a woman, you two. I certainly hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth, John.
    Perhaps you should both take your time and read my post thoroughly, it appears you both just read what you wanted to read.
    Again, thank you for your comments, you are all entitled to your opinions. I respect yours, so please respect mine. 🙂