Manny Ramirez Cops A Feel

If any of you have ever met a Hispanic, you may have come to the conclusion that we are a little crazy. We have insane personality traits that only a person with a lot of patience could tolerate. We have an amplified way of speaking, we love to talk with our hands, and we have a horribly short temper. I’m not sure if this next trait is all Hispanics, or just me, but I have the tendency of being incredibly territorial. My man, is my man. My car, please don’t touch. My son, yeah, please don’t discipline. Those baseball cards, yes, those too are MINE. Back off. The Florida Marlins team, MY team. Talk bad about them, you may not be able to talk afterwards. (Did I mention violence as one of the personality traits? 🙂 ) I think you understand what I mean.
So with these traits, it may be easier to understand why I was so taken aback when I found a photograph of Manny Ramirez getting a serious hand full of Wes Helms rear end. Helms may not have been on the Marlins at the time the photograph was taken, but I do still feel that a fine line has been crossed. You have to think about it too, maybe Manny was just claiming his territory? I’m not really worried about Manny being a “switch hitter”, so I’m sure Helms is safe and I am guessing there is a reasonable explanation for the zesty grab. Maybe Helms owed Manny five bucks, and Manny felt that this was an appropriate time to claim what was his…. What ever the case, back off Ramirez! My player, my @$$! >:'(



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2 responses to “Manny Ramirez Cops A Feel

  1. He is clearly wearing a Marlins uniform in the picture. My bad! 🙂

  2. Why do I listen to you? lol
    I told you he was wearing a Marlins uniform, but you insisted that he wasn’t. So, I listened to you to avoid looking like a fool. 😦

    Well, even more reason for me to be mad at Manny!

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