Hanley Doesn’t Hold A Grudge

It seems that a recent post of mine has upset a few of my readers. I would like to formally apologize for any misunderstandings, and hopefully I cleared up any with my ending comment on the “Looks Like I May Be Stuck With Hanley Ramirez” post. I am not apologizing for my opinion. That still stands. I am, however, apologizing for being sarcastic in my title and for possibly misleading some of my readers. I in no way think that Hanley Ramirez is a scrub or a horrible ball player. I do realize he is a huge asset to the Florida Marlins, as I mentioned it in the post. I also did mention that I have a love/hate relationship with Mr. Ramirez. Unfortunately, when you witness certain things first hand, and then have a local “insider” dish the dirt on a player you once respected, it is very difficult to ever look at that player in the same light. So, no, I don’t particularly like Hanley Ramirez as a person, and yes there are a couple of things he does on the field that annoy the Hell out of me; but I am very glad that we have the opportunity to hold on to him for another 6 years, and I am pleased that the Marlins are willing to spend some cash in order to keep one of our star players, instead of trading him out to another team. If some of you still think I am insane for feeling the way that I do towards Hanley personally, you are entitled to your own opinions and I respect that. I only hope that people will learn to do the same in return.

Hanley doesn’t hold a grudge. See? He is over it.



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2 responses to “Hanley Doesn’t Hold A Grudge

  1. I respect your opinion but don’t agree with it. Hanley may be “arrogant” to the people you spoke to but consider the sources (C & C). To us, he has been friendly including in that photo you used in your post. That’s him smiling and waving at YOU when you called out to him. I have seen much less talented players flat out ignore you.

    Hanley is a fan favorite and the future of the Florida Marlins that’s why I feel very pleased about this deal, which by the way is a home town discount. He could have easily gotten more from Boston or New York.

    Go Marlins!!!

  2. Patricia

    One would think you could safely express an opinion on your own blog without profanity-laced comments offered in response. Get a life, people.

    We especially enjoy your observations about particular players. Those observations may or may not change over time, the more games you attend, but it’s fun hearing about them and people can draw their own conclusions.

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