Fish Kiss Their Winning Streak Good-bye

I don’t know who to hate more at this point in time; Fredi Gonzalez or Taylor Tankersley. Gonzalez really must want to create more reasons for people to absolutely loathe him, and Taylor….. Well, Taylor just doesn’t belong in a MLB jersey, much less a Florida Marlins uniform. Tankersley has absolutely ruined practically every inning he has come in to pitch for, so knowing this, why would ANYONE in their right mind think, “Hey, we are tied with the Reds 4-4, let’s stick the Tank in there and see what he can do.”!? Come on Fredi, it’s obvious at this point that I know your team much better than you do. What happened to Justin Miller? Or how about just bringing in Matt Lindstrom earlier than you did? Why plug in your WORST relief pitcher? An even better question would be, why continue to waste your time and money on such a complete scrub? You’d think the Marlins would have learned the first time around….
Andrew Miller at his worst is still 10 times better than “The Tank”. I am so completely disgusted with what happened at tonight’s game. Burke Badenhop, a pitcher I once had ZERO faith in, was doing very well. He allowed 4 runs, but this was in a span of 7 innings. Then comes “The STANK” and in one single inning gives the Reds a 4 run lead. I don’t think I have ever cursed so much in my entire life as I did this evening. Luckily, we have an amazing offense and luck was temporarily on our side when Rabello hit a ball that Griffey Jr. couldn’t even get a grip on, allowing Uggla and Gonzo to score. In that single inning, the Marlins miraculously drove in 3 runs, nearly catching up to the Reds, 7-8. We couldn’t produce much more, however, and the Reds got the win.
So that’s it. Our 7 game winning streak is gone because some numb skulled manager decided to put in a no talented pitcher and just hand our game away to the Cincy Reds. I can’t describe what I feel inside right now, and if it wasn’t for all the talent that we have on the Marlins, I would kick their butts to the curb. I can only hope that a piece of someone’s broken bat secretly hit Fredi upside the head hard enough to make him open his eyes and see what occurred during this evenings game. There is no reason for “Stankersley” to be on the Florida Marlins. We need players that want to win, and he just doesn’t have what it takes.

Stankersley ruining the Marlins uniform.
Someone, please send him down to the minors, or better yet
get him out of baseball all together.


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  1. lonestarr

    Jeez, tell us how you really feel. 😛

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