“Machine Gun Jeter”?

Is Derek Jeter related to one of the world’s most famous gangsters from the prohibition era?

While surfing the net, like I normally do after a long day at work, I stumbled upon what seemed to be an incredibly strange photograph of Derek Jeter. It was a mugshot. I figured Jeter must have thought that it would have been funny to play dress up; but the closer I looked at the picture, the more clear it became that this was not Derek Jeter. Perhaps it was his great great grandfather? At this point, you never know. Anything is possible. Machine Gun Kelly- Derek Jeter’s ‘pappy’.
He was a Memphis boy that grew up to become the most wanted man in America, a man so tough he made Al Capone cry for his mommy, the true definition of a “bad @$$”. A fearless robber, a deadly master of the tommy gun; a man who signed his hold ups by blasting his name across billboards and walls.
Sadly, as cool as it would be for Jeter to have some gangster blood in his family history, I think it is incredibly unrealistic that these two are related. Kelly had strength, courage, and extreme cojones. Jeter? Well, he just has herpes.



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2 responses to ““Machine Gun Jeter”?

  1. lonestarr

    The resemblance is uncanny, as is the verbal kidney punch at the end.

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