Manny Being Manny

I think it is safe to say that Manny Ramirez is truly one of a kind. Lovable to most and frustrating to some, it is undeniable that Manny Ramirez is an incredibly talented ball player. Sure he has his moments of stupidity, but people love Manny for the same reason people loved Yogi Berra. They both have enigmatic persona’s. And while often confused for a simpleton( HELL, the guy snuck into the “Green Monster” to go to the bathroom! He barely made it back out before the next pitch!), he is a great asset to the Boston Red Sox.
Manny Ramirez is what makes the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Red Sox. He is the single source of entertainment on their team. Every team needs a clown. The Florida Marlins have Reynel Pinto- The Marlins Picasso, the Boston Red Sox have Manny Ramirez- The Guy That Uses The Toilet On The Field In The Middle Of An Inning.
As easy as some may think it would be, it is beyond difficult to hate Manny Ramirez or to hold any ridiculousness against him. Hence, “Manny being Manny” was created. Manny is that lovable half retarded kid in your class that everyone felt bad for. Who else is going to hit a ground ball and then not budge from the batter’s box? Or who is going to request an incredibly obscene song to be played for his plate appearances? Who else is going to lose a $15,000 diamond ring while sliding into third? It’s just Manny being Manny. This little slogan allows Manny to get away with a lot of misbehavior, but can you really hold it against him?
So, what do you guys think? Is too much being made of “Manny being Manny”? Or should players be held accountable for all their actions no matter how well they swing their lumber?



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4 responses to “Manny Being Manny

  1. jtsox78

    I don’t think it’s too much being made. He’s a great ball player off and on the field…He’s a jokester in the clubhouse, he plays hard especially this season he’s actually hustling down the first base line and making spectacular plays in the field like today’s game against Baltimore. When he’s on camera, he loves to joke around with the players around him and he plays with the crowd…For example, in today’s game during the spectacular catch he made, i believe he actually high-fived someone in the crowd while making the catch….It’s just Manny being Manny…

  2. Thanks for the feedback jtsox. I completely agree. Some people just take his goofy behavior offensively and it’s ridiculous. I’ll have to find you the YouTube video rant that prompted this post. 🙂

  3. jtsox78

    Yes, I would love to see the you tube video…And I can’t get enough of the replay on sportscenter about yesterday’s Manny catch then high-fiving a fan!

  4. Sadly, I can’t find that video anymore. 😦
    Freaking YouTube!!!
    I saw it on youtube a good 2 months ago, and it stuck with me ever since. I figured I would write about it now since he has been doing so well.
    Speaking of that incredible catch and high five… check out my newest post. 🙂
    Thanks for the comments!

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