The Curse Of The Great American Ball Park

You’d think that with the Cincy Reds stadium being so incredibly small, the Florida Marlins would have no problem hitting HR’s and putting the Reds to shame. For some reason, however, whenever the Marlins have come to town (since April 2006) they have bombed terribly in this stadium, allowing the Reds to crush the hearts of Florida Marlins fans. Including last nights game, the Marlins have lost 7 games in a row against the Cincy Reds in this very stadium. So what is it? Their players are too good? That would have been the conclusion that I would have come to if I didn’t know any better. The Cincy Reds are in last place right now.
There must be a curse of some sort. For this years 4 game series, it all started on Monday, when we we tied 4-4, and a cursed voice whispered into Fredi Gonzalez’s ear and told him to throw in Tankersley and see what would happen. Boy, did we see what happened! The second game Cantu blew it by fire balling one over to first… right over Helms head. In last night’s game, Cantu and Hermida helped Nolasco get his loss. Not to mention, Hanley Ramirez trying to steal 3rd and getting thrown out; and Treanor being told by the 3rd base coach to go get to home plate. He is a catcher! He isn’t going to be very fast! While the Marlins eventually tied the game with the Reds in the 8th when Ross corked a 3 run homer, we eventually fell short. Marlins were flying high, until the 10th inning when the Reds claimed their final run, and with it their third win against the Marlins.
You really have to wonder, after watching these games, what mystical powers does this stadium have that leaves our Florida Marlins players crippled? We had a 7-game winning streak prior to visiting this stadium, and now we are on a 3 game losing streak. What is the reason? Is there a logical explination?
For now, all we Marlins fans can do is sit here bewildered and hope that tonight’s game will be the one to break the curse. We can defeat the Great American Ball Park, and we will.




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3 responses to “The Curse Of The Great American Ball Park

  1. We almost made a miraculous comeback last night thanks to Cody Ross. I think Alfredo is now a benchwarmer for a couple of weeks.

  2. I think Cantu should be given a break and Amezaga could play 3rd. Cantu needs to give his arm a rest. Those two throws the last two nights were ridiculous!

  3. JT

    I’m actually surprised the Reds have won three in a row. They haven’t been as terrible as their record would indicate this year, but the problem is the pitching never works on the same day as the offense. When the pitcher is doing well, he gets no run support; when he is giving up runs left and right the bats come alive (but not enough). The only pitcher we have that is consistent (so far) is Edison Volquez.

    Looks like tonight’s game might be rained out (it’s pouring right now in Cincy), and that’s probably a good thing for us considering you have Miller scheduled to start. I have no doubt he would shut down the Reds’ bats.

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