It’s Just Manny Being… Well, Manny!

I know some people may be annoyed by the “carelessness” displayed by Manny Ramirez. We already established that one in a past post, but how can you hate a guy that does what is shown above? In this video, you can see Manny make an unbelievable catch, jump up on the wall, high five a fan, and then laser beam the ball all the way to first to make a double play. I am speechless. Mr. Ramirez, one word of advice, if you will: Keep on being Manny!



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17 responses to “It’s Just Manny Being… Well, Manny!

  1. lonestarr

    That was too awesome for words.

  2. darkship

    Freaking UNREAL!!! YOu may not like him but you have to respect that!

  3. I think Manny is awesome. I love the fact that he is eccentric. I just wish he would get a hair cut! 🙂

  4. BostonChicky

    I know a girl that was/still is sleeping with Manny. Is he still married? I think his wife is plain jane.

  5. I know he was married to a woman named Juliana and they have children together. Not sure if they are still married.

    Hope your friend isn’t a groupie! 😉

  6. BostonChicky

    No, she’s f…a…r… from a groupie. I know she was getting all kinds of gifts from him. Designer pocketbooks, clothes… She’s a friend to one of my friends and I’ve met her just a few times out with the girls. She’s beautiful, but such a nice girl. That’s why I was shocked when the news of her and Manny starting spreading. I would never think of her being with someone else’s husband. That’s why I thought maybe Manny and his wife split.?

  7. It’s very normal for baseball players, or anyone in a celebrity status for that matter, to cheat on their spouse.
    It’s not excusable and it isn’t right, but it is just something that is done and is very common.

    Well, I hope your friend just doesn’t think she is the only one! Let her enjoy it while it lasts, I’m sure Manny’s wife is used to it all by now.

  8. interesting. manny & juliana are still married, i think she’s very beautiful btw, not sure how she’d be considered plain jane by anyone standards – and mine are pretty damn high.

    anyway, rumor has it juliana has a side dish of her own. maybe they just have an open marriage?

    hi tatiana – nice blog 🙂

  9. Hey baseballdirty! Thanks for the compliment. And wow. Juliana is absolutely gorgeous… not sure where “plain jane” came from. I smell some jealousy! 🙂

  10. BostonChicky

    Sorry if it came across that way. She is beautiful. NO doubt about that, but I think in a plain jane kind of way. Let me explain myself, cause I know that’s coming out wrong. She doesn’t use or for that matter need much other than her natural (I used plain) ways. She’s not flashy like the other wives. I’m NOT sayig that in a bad way. No. I should of explained myself after making that comment. I just see her as different than the others, not in a bad way. That’s all.

  11. A lot of their wives are like that. Look at Hanley Ramirez’s wife, for instance. If you have natural beauty, why mess it up with fake eyelashes and botox?

  12. BostonChicky

    I’m sorry, I don’t know who that is, but I will try to “google” her.
    I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I think Michelle Damon is beautiful. I know, I know, people say how fake she is, but I think she’s beautiful. Also, I’m not sure what player on the Red Sox is or was dating her, but there’s one woman that was a playboy playmate and she’s stunning. I think Youk’s girlfriend is a true beauty too.
    I don’t follow the teams or who’s dating who, so I only know by the few pictures that will be in the newspapers or blogs.
    I agree, if you have it naturaly why screw with it, and I’m not saying “flashy” women are more beautiful. It’s the way that it came out. I guess I didn’t understand the true meaning of “plain jane” and should of used different words in that comment.

  13. BostonChicky

    Ok, so I image googled “Hanley Ramirez wife” and a bunch of photos that I assume must be him came up and then there where 2 of a blonde mixed in there, and OMG, YES she is absoultely stunning! I’m not sure if that is the woman you are talking about, but if it is, then yes you are so right in saying that!

  14. Well, his wife is dark skinned. She is Dominican like her husband. Her name is Elisabeth. Her is a link from his MySpace page. It’s him and his wife when she was pregnant. She isn’t gorgeous, she isn’t flashy, but she looks naturally beautiful and pure. I like that about her. 🙂

  15. BostonChicky

    Ok, that’s not the same woman, but YES, she is a true beauty. I will not use the term plain jane as I have learned the true meaning of it! 😉
    But she is a “natural jane” beautiful woman. He is truly a lucky man.
    The other waman had a semi dark complextion and her hair was a darker blonde shade. I don’t know why she showed up??

    Thanks for the second link, I’m not on myspace.

  16. There are a lot of players with the last name “Ramirez”. Manny Ramirez and Alexi Ramirez just to name two. Quite possible it was one of their wives or another Ramirez wife/ girlfriend. 🙂

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