Hanley Ramirez Makes Contract Official

I had the opportunity of being able to witness Hanley Ramirez make his $70 million- 6 year contract official yesterday morning.  The press conference took place in a small baseball field across the street from where the Orange Bowl once stood and where the new home of the ‘Miami Marlins’ will now be.
Hanley Ramirez handled himself incredibly professionally. He came to the event with his eldest son in hand. While we were all there to celebrate his now being with us for another 6 years, I observed a side of Hanley that no one else could have ever appreciated more than I; and I will say one thing, seeing him as a father increased my respect for him as a person.
The entire experience for me was exhilirating. Mario and I were literally part of the press. We were competing for the best shots and best footage. It was wonderful!
Thanks to my Marlins insider for inviting me to this event. 🙂

***All photos courtesy of The Infamous Tatiana, unless otherwise mentioned!***

What used to be the Orange Bowl.

The welcoming Marlins van.

The inflatable Billy the Marlin standing tall.

Marlins owner: David Samson

My competition!

Young Hanley Ramirez fan shows her support!

Billy thought the press conference was for him

Our star has finally arrived!

Junior gives a warming smile to the crowd.

Hanley gives a tender smile and wave

The signing of the contract. My competition got in the way!

Signing page two.

Junior bored while daddy gives a ‘thank you’ speech.

Hanley drowning in little leaguers, but he seems to be enjoying it.

Samson and I. Very short man. I had to squat down…. (photo courtesy of Mario)

Fredi and I (photo courtesy of Mario)

Sportin’ the 2003 world series ring! (photo courtesy of Mario)

My Manatees and I! I love these guys! (photo courtesy of Mario)



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3 responses to “Hanley Ramirez Makes Contract Official

  1. Greg

    I can’t seem to ever hear anything about Alejandro De Aza’s return. Love to have him at leadoff and in center, so Amezaga can start getting the infielders a day off and keeping his presence felt. The official website has been stuck on 15-day dl for him for a long time. Now we are talking to J. Jones..why?? If De Aza comes back we are stacked in the outfield. Unless they think Willingham and De Aza are lot worse than what we are hearing from the broadcasters. Please reply with any info for me, can’t get any insider info in Orlando. Thanks Greg

  2. Greg,
    Thanks for the comment. I haven’t heard a word about De Aza as of yet, but I’ll try to see if I can find anything out for you.
    All I know right now is probably the same as you; he got injured the last day of spring training and never resurfaced.
    I’m not too happy to hear about Jones, either. Hopefully our boys Willingham and De Aza get healthy soon so there won’t be a need for Jones.

  3. Karen

    hey…. just letting you know that the girl with the “I love you Hanley” shirt that you posted is my sister. Good picture.

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