Florida Marlins vs. Kansas City Royals

After an amazing morning at the press conference, I was able to then attend a wonderful game. We arrived at the stadium a good 4 hours before we were actually able to enter, but as usual, that didn’t stop us. Once again, we snuck in through employee parking and saved ourselves a $10.00 parking fee. We killed time by taking naps and then creating a poster dedicated solely to Andrew Miller. Just an hour before the gates officially opened to the fans, my pal “McLuvin” from the Florida Marlins Manatees gave me a ring and hooked us up with some nice tickets. The last hour was spent frying in the hot Florida sun, but it was all definitely worth it. Once the gates were opened, we made our way to the usual spots to watch the opposing team during batting practice. And as usual, I began to say my traditional ‘hello’s’. I’m not sure if this is an American League thing (Yankees were pricks, too), but every single one of these guys were jerks; except Jose Guillen. He was definitely a class act, and a wonderful example to his young son that traveled with him. Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, and some guy named Garcia were all severe poopie heads. Gordon and “Billy Bean” are still rookies and their egos are already twice as large as the Dolphin stadium. All arrogance aside, I am very thankful that Jose Guillen and the 3rd base coach, Silverio, are very kind. : )
The game was amazing. I was sitting at the edge of my seat the entire time. The Marlins got off to their usual slow start, but it all worked out in the end with Helms’ 3 run HR that helped us win the game! So, the Marlins made me crap my pants in the beginning, but the evening had a very sweet ending complete with good music, free beer, and a win! Mario even got the chance to go down onto the field at the end of the 6th inning to film the Manatees’ performance! Credentials in the making, baby!
After the game, we attempted to get photographs with some of the players, but you can probably guess from how they behaved prior to the game that they weren’t going to be the nicest of people after, especially since they had just lost; and since I am not a groupie. Ah well, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. We did get the opportunity to meet ‘Tiny’ from the Florida Marlins Manatees!
All in all, I am very pleased with how my evening went. Nay, how the entire day went! A specially thanks to Gabe, McLuvin, for helping to make yesterday possible! 🙂

Like a typical woman, I went shopping prior to the game. Too bad this tank top was $70.00!!!!


Jose Guillen: Class Act

Bastard >:'(
You may be a good player, but you don’t have to be mean!

Marlins fans kept enticing ‘Billy Bean’ with hot dogs. Didn’t make him too happy when he found out there weren’t any!

Silverio: Great Guy!
Saw Garcia give me the cold shoulder when I asked for a ball, so he tossed one to me himself! 🙂

Like Father,

Like Son.

Father and son.

Teahen. Dunno him.

Swing, Guillen, swing!

My very own photographer hard at work!

Andrew Miller fan club? Who’s in it?



Jacobs running around the bases after hitting a HR!

Amezaga isn’t too happy after getting out at first.

Mario was sitting over here just minutes before I took this picture! TOO COOL!

Gload letting out a load! HA! I crack myself up!

Tiny and I


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One response to “Florida Marlins vs. Kansas City Royals

  1. darkship

    Thanks for the pics!! sorry they were pricks! I made it to a AAA game here in Des Moines and some guys spent the whole night picking on Billy Butler! He’ll have to get over himself soon!

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