While many fans will be rushing to the stadium during the next three days to see players like Randy Johnson, Brandon Webb, and Justin Upton, my grand wish would have been to make it down to Dolphin Stadium simply to catch a glimpse of the man that greatly contributed to the 1988 World Series win, Kirk Gibson. After watching a special on HBO, and learning about Gibson’s story, not only did I cry like a baby, but I became inspired. This man could barely walk due to a severe injury in both legs, and still he wanted to play for his team in the World Series. I’ve never seen such dedication.
In the first game of the series, Gibson waddled up to bat in the 9th inning. Facing then future Hall-of-Famer, Dennis Eckersley, Gibson braced himself for the pitch. Two men on the bags, two outs, and a full count. The pressure was on. With an awkward swing, Gibson smacked that ball over the right field fence, scoring a 3-run homer! Gibson wobbled around the bases as his team mates jumped with glee! With all odds stack high against them that year, the Dodgers won the series.
Sadly, due to severe monetary issues, I will not be able to travel to Dolphin Stadium to catch a glimpse of a living legend. Luckily, however, the Diamondbacks return in the end of June. Perhaps then I will get to watch as my Florida Marlins go up against a team coached by a hero.


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  1. It’s not really money, now is it? If I leave early any of the three days I am almost guaranteed to get fired!

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