Just Because It’s Cheap, Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It

If you were walking passed a yard sale and saw a two legged dog for sale, would you buy it? What if it was only $3.00? Probably not, right? Sure, it’s a steal on the dog, but would you really have any use for it? Come on, it’s a two legged dog; I’m pretty sure it would just make your kids cry.
Which brings me to the yard sale that the Florida Marlins obviously passed by recently, sure what they picked up wasn’t damaged like the two legged dog, but the Florida Marlins don’t really have a spot to put it in. While outfielder Jacque Jones would probably be a good boost for the Florida Marlins, no one is quite sure where he fits in. Even manager, Fredi Gonzalez, is a bit unsure himself.
Gonzalez has made it rather clear, however, that as long as Jones has a uniform, he will be playing. Jones can help the Marlins in any of the three outfield positions, but they are scheming to use him anywhere suited. No one has made any official plans for Jones, but as I write this, Jones is in Jupiter, FL getting ready for his debut with the Florida Marlins. Just yesterday, Jacque hit two home runs!
As for Alfredo Amezaga and Cody Ross, I think they willing be seeing some more bench time when Jacque does come up. As an Amezaga fan, I am outraged! Sure he is only batting .228 right now, but he is AMAZING in the outfield. He has saved us numerous times, and I’m not exactly so sure Jones will be able to do the same. But alas, I’m not the Florida Marlins manager.



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3 responses to “Just Because It’s Cheap, Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It

  1. I suffered through 2 years of Jones in a Cubs uniform. He’ll hit a few monster HR’s, but just wait till he’s in the outfield, and throws a 20 footer into the ground. Scrap heap, anyone??

  2. fakehorsemuffins

    Showing love!!!!!!!!

  3. lonestarr

    Congratulations on your victory.

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