David Slays Goliath

Just like the biblical story of David and Goliath, Ricky Nolasco was set to face the Goliath of his time, Brandon Webb. All thought Ricky’s defeat what inevitable and his victory was improbable; but just like in the story, Nolasco stood strong, obviously had some faith, and took what was his, the win.
At stake was Webb’s chance of making history, and it was Nolasco’s chance to break it. Perhaps it was being matched up against one of the league’s best pitchers, or maybe it was knowing that the entire baseball world would be watching this game, but you could tell Ricky meant business yesterday evening. Last night’s game was a thrilling and exciting game. I may need to stop watching baseball because the last two games nearly gave me a fatal heart attack!
Last night, everyone did their part and they all worked together as a team. Ross played center field and Amezaga played SS, giving Hanley the day off and hopefully helping him get out of that slump he is in. Diamondbacks scored the first run, but not too far after, the Fish scored with Treanor hitting a sac bunt and Gonzo running it in to home plate. We were now tied, which was good, but not good enough.
Something very unexpected occurred next. Cody Ross hit a home run! That homer gave The Fish the lead. By this point, the game was getting me anxious. Lindstrom walked a couple of players and was then set to face two men very capable of hitting a home run. If all these men scored, The Fish would have been done for sure. Luckily, Lindstrom was able to strike the men out and we left this inning in the clear.
In the next inning, Uggla hit his 17th double this season. Gonzo then followed with a single to center, allowing Uggla to score. The score was now 3-1, Fish. All we had to do now was hold our ground and not put Taylor Tankersley in the game. The last two innings were easy ones, but incredibly crucial. If anything went wrong, it would have cost us the game. But we held on and by following those two rules, the Florida Marlins denied Webb his 10th win!



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