The Infamous Tatiana In The Windy City

Hey Everyone,

The Infamous Tatiana here. I am officially in the windy city and it is wonderful! I am convinced that this is the land of baseball. In the airport alone, 35% of the travelers on my plane were wearing a Cubbies shirt/ jersey; not to mention the 5 people at the Avis car rental! It may be the fact that I am originally from here, but I feel like I belong! The Infamous Tatiana and family moving up north to baseball central? It’s an idea! The baseball fan base here is 5 times larger than the one in Florida! The Marlins are hot right now and the fan base is nonexistent. It’s ridiculous.
Marlins fans, shape up! Don’t do what you did in 1997 and 2003. Don’t just magically appear when they win the world series!

Just a warning, my posts may be shorter while I am here. I am using a laptop and it is ridiculous. That and I am working with Vista. I am hanging myself as I type. I do have family with desktops, however, so maybe I will be lucky and later today I will get to write about how Andrew Miller shut down the Diamondbacks! GOOOO MARLINS!




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3 responses to “The Infamous Tatiana In The Windy City

  1. Joe

    “I am officially in the windy city and it is wonderful!”

    Huh?? Are you serious??? Its like 54 outside. This weather is like early April, not the end of May. Its gotta be a culture shock for you coming from the land of the hot sun.

  2. Yeah, the 46 deg weather I came to on thursday night kinda caught me off guard but I love it! The last two days have been gorgeous! I’m originally a Chi-town gal, so this is my kinda weather and city!

  3. JoeM

    Well, you lucked out, as the weather here has been pretty decent over the weekend. It looks like its back to the cold tomorrow. 50 for a high? Ugh. I wanna move!

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