Marlins Get Fried By The Phillies

It didn’t occur to me yesterday afternoon that the Marlins didn’t really stand a chance against the Phillies. Perhaps it was the 10 runs scored in the first 3 innings, but later on that evening, my eyes were opened and my worst fears had been recognized. The Florida Marlins are good, and they are well known for climbing back up on the scoreboard, but there was NO WAY these poor guys could recover from that. Now, the Marlins sit below the Phillies in second place. It is possible for them to reclaim their spot at first, but not if they let games like yesterday evening’s happen again.
Last night’s game brought tears to my eyes and made me utter curse words in numerous different languages. Hendrickson better have a really good excuse for the damage he caused yesterday. The man I thought of as the best starting pitcher for our Marlins has now officially had the worst start of this season. Gonzalez put Badenhop in after the 3rd as an attempt to save the game, but the damage had already been done. Badenhop did slightly better only giving up one home run.
Every ounce of faith I had in the Marlins for last night’s game completely disappeared in the matter of 3 innings. I am hopeful that tonight’s game will have a different outcome, but I am not so sure that it will be possible. I have developed faith in Ricky Nolasco, but now our star player, Hanley Ramirez, won’t even be featured in tonight’s line up due to an injured thumb. A thumb of all things! I’d like to stay positive, but my optimism has suffered a lot these last few games. Despite the obvious pessimism, I will be sticking by the Florida Marlins. I will not choose to become a sellout and select another team to root for. I will, however, elect to kick Tankersley’s @$$ if we end up losing again tonight… whether he even played in the game or not. This game is about sacrifices, Tank. You’re gonna have to take one for the team. πŸ™‚
If I can’t beat the Tank to a bloody pulp, I will just settle for taking the keys to the car pictured below. That may be sufficient payment for the severe emotional stress the Marlins are inflicting upon me. WIN MARLINS, WIN!



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4 responses to “Marlins Get Fried By The Phillies

  1. marlinsss

    I think you must have a crush on the Tank. Sorry he is married. He had a good night last night. Justin has had a rough couple of nights. They will all be better than all the experts said before the season started. If you want to be a real Marlins fan, this is a team sport and you need to pull for the team as a whole and not pick out the Millers and Tankersleys to blame for losses.
    Marlins Team Fan

  2. Eww. Please don’t insult me. I have standards. The Tank is a… well, lets just say he’s not my type. But if you are his wife, don’t worry, you have no threats. I don’t think anyone likes “The Tank” aside from you.

    I am a real Marlins fan. I go to practically every home game that I can afford. I am even dumb enough to choose going to a Marlins game versus paying my phone bill on time.

    Like any human being, I will have my doubts about things. That’s just the way things are, but I will never abandon my team. They are MY team and I will continue to root for them until the very end. However, if I have issues with a player or two, I am not going to censor my opinions or feelings because I may bruise someone’s ego. Justin Miller just had a bad night, that’s totally understandable and forgivable. Hell, even Hanley Ramirez is in a slump and he just signed a $70 million contract. However, Tankersley is a definite frustration. He may have had a good night yesterday, but this year for him has been an utter failure thus far. He pitched decently in 2006 and 2007, but he has been incredibly unreliable this year.

    Anyhow, thank you for your comment. πŸ™‚
    Perhaps I’ll see you at a game sometime!

  3. Do you want some tatar sauce with those crocodile tears since the Phightins gutted the fish?

  4. Had to come from a Phillies fan…. πŸ˜‰

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