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For The True Baseball Fan

I was just surfing YouTube looking for something to ease my nerves as I watch the Marlins vs. Braves game, and I came across this little cartoon clip from the 1940’s. The cartoon clip is called “Batty Baseball”. It definitely put a smile on my face, so please enjoy! 🙂

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A New Collector Is Born

As most of you already know, Mario received the first package of his Jose Cruz Jr. trade. Although I don’t really like Cruz, I looked through all the cards and found a few that sparked my interest. Most of the ones I enjoyed were super shiny, and of course there was my all time favorite Pacific crown card. As I shuffled through the cards, I noticed that there were numerous doubles.
Out of nowhere, Mario and I heard the pitter-patter of little feet coming towards our bedroom, as we both glanced to the door, we saw an overjoyed two year old boy. Our son, London, is incredibly curious. Mommy was being kind of boring, watching a baseball game, but what daddy was doing something that intrigued our little Curious George. London crept up to the bed and watched carefully as Mario placed each of his new Jose Cruz Jr. cards into ultra pro pages. London grinned and held out his hand. “Please?” Mario looked at London and chuckled. “Babe! Just give him some doubles to look at! He said please!” Mario shook his head and began to give our little man cards to look at. “Baseball! Baseball!” London said with an ear to ear smile. And after he looked at each one, he handed them back to Mario and said ‘thank you’. This went on for a couple of minutes until London had built up a small pile of rejected cards. Mario looked at me. “I know which one he will really like.” Mario handed London a 1998 Fleer Skybox EX 2001. His eyes instantly lit up. He looked entranced as he stared at the card. He definitely wasn’t giving this one up. Mario extended his hand to take the card back, and London quickly turned and ran towards me in hopes that I would protect him and his new prized possession.
As soon as I saw the type of enjoyment my son was getting out of these baseball cards, my heart jolted with joy! As some of you may recall, I wrote a post a couple of months ago about London and I sharing a moment with my Derek Jeter cards. While that experience was wonderful, tonight completely outshines it. These cards that Mario so graciously donated to our son are London’s very first baseball cards. He wasn’t just allowed to hold them for a brief moment, these cards are his. With that being said, I quickly found a mini album to London’s liking to store my little man’s cards in. London now has 12 Jose Cruz Jr. cards, including his all time favorite, the EX 2001. This is the beginning to a very precious journey of family collecting.

London’s favorite baseball card

London’s baseball card album

A glimpse into London’s 12 card collection 🙂


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