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Simply Amazing

Today has been an absolutely horrible day for me. Physically, I am completely falling apart. And now, officially, after suffering from food poisoning all day, Taco Bell, or as my doctor referred to it ‘Taco Smell’, is my enemy. I wanted to take advantage of having the day off to write a few posts, but unfortunately, all I had the energy for was to lay in bed and watch the Marlins game. I am BEYOND happy that they won, and I am relieved that Hanley Ramirez is finally out of his slump! Hopefully he can keep this up!
Let me apologize now for not being able to post something with very much substance. I will however leave you folks with a video I found while searching the Beckett boards. Life never ceases to amaze me, and people, like little Adam Bender from the video below, make me appreciate the great sport of baseball even more.

Please enjoy!

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