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Florida Marlins Vs. Cincy Reds

I don’t know if you could consider Section 449, row 23 in the nose bleeds section right field, but after fakehorsemuffins came through for us last night, I don’t really think it matters. FHM gifted us ‘Founder’s Club’ tickets. I’d like to think he was making it up to me for the Tankersley incident. 😉
The game was great, and from these seats, even if we lost, I don’t think it would have killed me. Even though Mario would disagree, because I nearly ripped off his arm when Kensing walked Griffey. But the bad pitching on our part, was saved again when Cody Ross hit the winning home run. And to think this kid almost became a rodeo clown! All in all, the night was a major success. A couple of Reds were true sweethearts and a few were arrogant (insert bad word here). The Florida Marlins stole the show, for me, though. They are all so lovable, yes, even the once hated Hanley.

The biggest Florida Marlins fan and I!

They almost look like a pack of lions soaking up the Florida sun….
I watch too much Discovery Channel!

Enjoying the VIP seats. 🙂

Griffey and son.

Coolest guy ever! I asked him for a ball and with out hesitation he threw one at me.
Nearly broke my nail, but I was ecstatic. YAY, Alex Gonzalez!

Bruce Almighty my (insert bad word here)!

Dusty Baker doin’ what he do!

The Kid looking depressed. It’s cuz he knows he won’t hit 600 tonight!!!!

Look at this damn view! HOT!

Gonzo, I love you! Total sweetheart! 🙂

Gonzo, a couple of people I don’t know, and Fredi.
FYI- Fredi rides a motorcycle! Yeah, a hog! Too cool.

Goofing around. 🙂


Willingham looks slightly confused.

Cody Ross, the evening’s hero.

This one is for FHM. 😉
Freakin’ cowbells!!!!!

I have NEVER seen a Marlins game like this… except for Mets games and the Yankee game.
Kinda sad, isn’t it?

Peek-a-boo, Amezaga! 🙂

Badass Jorge Cantu

Scott Olsen. Nearly ran over a bunch of kids after the game.
Guy was not in a good mood. Think it has something to do with Helms’ error?

Treanor up to bat against Arroyo… and his weird @$$ pitch.

Jacobs looking a little depressed

After the game, holding the ball Alex Gonzalez gave me.
I would’ve loved to have gotten this signed by him!

Corey Patterson and I

I look freaked the hell out with Javier Valentin. Can anyone guess why?

The night was a hit. Stay tuned for a post about today’s game! GO MARLINS!

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