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Andrew Miller Is The Man!

Hey everyone, wanna join the Andrew Miller fan club? You may after you watch the video below! I have never met any other baseball player quite like this one. Maybe that’s what makes him so likable. I have actually tried to sit down and think of any reasons as to why I shouldn’t like Andrew, and I couldn’t think of one. Andrew is great all around. He made a small promise to come sign for us after the game, and he stayed true to his word. Not only did he come sign for us, he signed for a bunch of other people, and when he did get to me… he made it so special. 🙂
Andrew, you are awesome. I hope that when you become rich and famous you can stay as wholesome and warm hearted as you are now.


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Florida Marlins Vs. Cincy Reds Pt.2

Cincy Reds who? That’s what I was thinking as my Marlins kicked those pesky Reds’ butts in this afternoon’s game! Today was definitely all about the Marlins. Not only did we win, but every single Marlins(aside from Scott Olsen… jerk) was amazing. They all practically signed for fans, they all waved when I greeted them; hell even Pinto held a small conversation with me in Spanish about the horrible Florida heat! They were all simply terrific and absolutely nothing good have made this day any better, or so I thought…. Andrew Miller is amazing! (video coming soon) He is the reason little boys want to grow up and be baseball players. He is wholesome, kind, considerate, and definitely makes time for those who care about him most. Andrew Miller is definitely one of my heroes. 🙂

GREAT seats. 🙂

I am overjoyed.

Hey, Craig Minervini!

What’s up, Ricky?!

How’s it going, Mike?

Hey, Fredi!!!!!!

Me- “Hola, Pinto!” (Hey, Pinto)
Pinto- “Hola” (Hey)
Me- “Como estas?” (How are you?)
Pinto- “Sudando como un loco!” (Sweating like crazy!)
Me- “Yo se, te siento!” (I know, I feel for you!)

Andrew after he saw the poster I made for him. 🙂

Hanley hit two homers this game! He’s baaaack! 🙂

Former Florida Marlin and current Cincy Reds David Weathers and I

FSN’s Craig Minervini and I

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