David Samson Is A-OKAY!

The country is in a recession. That’s right. I said it. I may as well, because our damn president won’t admit it and I am sure every American is feeling it. Gas prices are at an all time high across the states and they don’t look like they will be lowering anytime soon. Even milk and other groceries have raised in price. To top it all off, many are being laid off because their companies can no longer afford them. What is the economy coming to?
With all this being said, I am sure you can all understand how tight my wallet is right now. I can barely afford to pay the mortgage on time, much less my son’s milk. I have had to cut back on a lot, as has my husband. No wax boxes any time soon, no new clothing, etc. Any baseball games that we have attended have been freebies from friends.
Out of sheer desperation, I wrote David Samson an e-mail. I won’t get into detail with what I had said, but in a nut shell, I pretty much complimented the team and told him how much I love baseball. The next day, his secretary emailed me telling me that I would have 4 tickets reserved under my name and the will call station for Sunday June 8th’s game against the Cincy Reds.
This just goes to show how much this man really values true Florida Marlins fans. He is willing to lend a helping hand and donate 4 tickets in a GREAT part of the stadium to a couple of fans that can’t really afford it right now. Many people consider David Samson the “devil”, I just hope his kindness shines a little light on him.
Mr. Samson, if by chance you ever do read this, please know I am utterly grateful for your gift to me. The seats and the game were amazing and I look forward to attending many more when I can. Thank you so much. You are a genuinely good person.


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