Florida Marlins Dialing 8!

The Florida Marlins were on fire this evening against the Phillies scoring 5 runs, 3 of which were homers contributed by Cantu, Hanley, and Jacobs. For once, the pitching wasn’t lacking either! The defense made a couple of errors allowing 3 unearned runs, but the offense was able to pick up the slack and pitching finally came through and held onto the lead! Florida Marlins are now only 3 games away from reclaiming their spot in 1st place for the NL East. Tomorrow, Andrew Miller goes against Hamels. I’d say that we have a pretty good chance of winning as long as the team can keep their acts together. Hopefully, Miller will be able to claim his 5th win of the season. Andrew, I’ll have my fingers crossed for you, buddy!
In other news, the Florida Marlins Annual Fantasy Auction took place today. This was really the only day where I wished that I could be a rich snob so that I could bid on some of these AMAZING prizes! Auction packages included: A ride on the good year blimp, a game watch party on with Billy the Marlins and the Mermaids, swimming with the dolphins at Miami Seaquarium, Marlins VIP experience- throwing out the first pitch, etc. and my personal favorite, the road trip with the Marlins to Philadelphia. Definitely not fair. 😦
All auctions did go at a fair price and all monies will be donated to the Florida Marlins Community Foundation, which concentrates greatly on helping inner city kids stay focused and play ball!
It may be too late to bid on these great prizes, but want to get involved? Click here to find out how you can get your hands on an Andrew Miller autograph while still contributing to the community!


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