Cardinals Take It In Their PUJOLS!

But they won’t be for at least 15 days. Today Albert Pujols was put on the 15-day DL for a sprained left calf. Pujols received the injury on June 3rd in a game against the Washington Nationals, but stayed in the line up until yesterday, when he made the injury worse during the 7th inning against the Cincy Reds, where he then left the game. The moment happened when Pujols reached out on a pitch and hit a grounder to first. He began to run to first, but after only taking several steps he fell to the ground clutching his left ankle. Pujols received an MRI today which indicated that the muscle was stretched with minor tears in the muscle fiber. Albert will begin physical therapy within the next 3 days to help get him ready. This absence will leave the Cardinals with out their most threatening hitter. “The Machine” leads St.Louis with a .347 BA, 16 home runs, and 42 RBI. Bet they can’t wait to take it in the Pujols now!


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  1. I swear….one more time you wear the shirt and I will hide it from you.

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