Uggla Knows How To End It With A Bang!

This evening’s game was INSANE! The first 7 innings were smooth sailing with perfect pitching from Andrew Miller and 2 home runs from Cantu. Cantu has been on fire as of late! All was well until Kevin Gregg came in to hold the lead and gave a run to the Phillies to tie the game. All we needed was won run to break the tie that Kevin Gregg gave to the Phillies, but just one run was not good enough for Dan Uggla. It was the bottom of the 10th, bases were loaded with just one out. It looked as though Uggla was going to be walked, which would have scored a run and ended the game any way. That’s not what Danny boy wanted, however. He knew that all he needed was a fast ball. When Gordon pitched the first fastball, Uggla gripped his bat and… swing and a miss. Call it a hunch, but Uggla knew the next pitch would be another fastball. This was a crucial game and Gordon wanted to get out of it alive. Next pitch, Uggla gripped his bat a little harder and… it was outta there! AND HIS NAME IS DAN UGGLA! There is nothing like a walk off grand slam! It sucks that Miller did not get the win, but the good news is that the Marlins are now down by two before reclaiming their proper places in first place. Hold on to your hats, dogs, and beers… these next couple of games are going to be a wild ride!



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3 responses to “Uggla Knows How To End It With A Bang!

  1. Call me crazy, but I’m starting to think the Marlins could win their division this year.

  2. Dan Uggla is the man, but the rightful place? I’m not so sure about that yet. I’ll tell you what if Dan Uggla beats out Chase Utley for 2nd base all star votes I will then say that Florida has a chance to win the N.L. east. Fair enough ?

  3. And yes Devon you are crazy . . . .

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