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Topps Is Definitely On My Sh!t List

If any of you know me, you may know by now that it is very easy to upset me; but this was just ridiculous. Over the last few days, Topps has pretty much been begging for me to hate them. It’s kind of ironic because I work at the company that prints for them!
It all began when Topps caught a glimpse at Upper Deck’s 2008 Legendary Cuts. The product featured cards with names and images that, apparently, Upper Deck could no longer use. What is this trade mark bullsh!t? Topps claims “ownership” to eight players that Upper Deck is using in this edition. Listen, if my dad was Jackie Robinson, I wouldn’t be the relative to whore out his name and images. Why is there always an issue with Topps lately?
In April, Topps signed a contract with CMG World Wide, which represents the families and estates of deceased celebrities. The deal is good until 2010 and is exclusive to baseball cards, including game used, autos, and other inserts. In the lawsuit, Topps seeks out unspecified monetary “damages” and is requesting a court order to stop production of the cards in question. This is ridiculous. Does Topps have any idea how much time and effort it took Upper Deck to make these cards? I am sure UD was working on the cards before Topps made this gay little deal, giving them the rights to produce cards for a total of 16 deceased players. According to the legal papers, Topps states that Upper Deck “continues to knowingly, intentionally, willfully and maliciously infringe upon the exclusive rights purchased by Topps”. Jesus Christ. Topps… get off your high horse! What is the problem here? Can’t we all just get a long? This was only strike one for Topps, however. Strike two arrived in the mail today.
Does anyone remember that Andrew Miller redemption Mario and I pulled AT LEAST 6 months ago? Well, it finally arrived…. Kind of. I’d get into the full story, detail for detail, but I am already steamed at Topps, so click here for the whole story. Topps, you guys have one more chance with me. One more strike and I am boycotting you guys, permanently. Sure, I’ll bust any boxes gifted to me, but I won’t be giving you guys my money. 🙂

Does this look like Andrew Miller to you?

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