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I Love Lucy

Well, looks like I’ve got some ‘splaining to do! Very few things in this world make me happy. And with the economy deteriorating even more each day, I have even fewer things that can put a smile on my face. I have my husband, my son, and baseball. That’s it and it is most certainly good enough, but every once in awhile I need a little more to help take away the everyday stresses of the world. Shopping used to be the answer, but with ridiculous gas prices, I don’t even have enough cash to get myself to the mall, much less buy a little something.
Every now and again a small package comes in the mail from one of my readers or even one of Mario’s readers with a little gift to show a token of their appreciation. These are the days I cherish most. A lot of the time it is a baseball card that we need buried within the package, or sometimes it’s a different surprise, but no matter what it is, the best for me, are the letters and little “extras” that come with the gifts. Yesterday, Mario and I received two packages. One was from Tribe Cards, whose package was cleverly covered in MLB stickers, and the other was from Dinged Corners. Both packages held numerous Marlins cards that we lacked in our collection, but Dinged Corners package had a little something extra that really made me happy. Little Lucy, daughter of Dinged Corners, drew Mario and I a beautiful drawing. Maybe it’s because I am a mother, but something really touched me deeply when I saw this drawing. Forget the cards, the photos, or even the autographs. This little girl gave us something pure and true. Pictured are 7 guys just playing ball and having a grand old time with out a worry in the world. It’s baseball at it’s purest state. It may sound a little crazy, but gazing at Lucy’s drawing helps me to escape from what this horrible world has become.
Lucy, thank you for the precious gift. I’ll be hanging it up on my wall in my office next to a paper plate caterpillar my son made me. 🙂


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