Alfredo Amezaga Parites Like A Rockstar!

I’ve always tried to picture what my Marlins players are like outside of their MLB uniforms. I picture Hanley as a great father, mediocre husband, and a frequent visitor to high class clubs in South Beach. Dan Uggla? I picture him and Cody Ross visiting the local “Round Up” country club to do some friendly square dancing. I’ve always pictured Jorge Cantu and Alfredo Amezaga partying it up in Miami with the local Mexican hotties. Jeremy Hermida? I can’t really picture him doing much of anything, so let’s just say he sits at home and knits on his days off.
Just yesterday, I found a few pictures of Amezaga, slightly intoxicated, but responsibly having a good time and doing it rock star style! Amezaga a rock star? Yeah, I said it. Dude was getting his groove on in all his glory. He was even sporting a Metallic t shirt! This is a guy that I would love to party with. He doesn’t look up tight. He just wants to go out and have a great time! Boy, was my perception of Amezaga wrong! He is just a laid back “VIVA METALLICA” kinda dude. I like it. šŸ™‚

Alfredo Amezaga and Hanley Ramirez dancing


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3 responses to “Alfredo Amezaga Parites Like A Rockstar!

  1. purplehaze

    Where did you find that? And where can I find more? I always knew Alfredo was a party animal…good to see he’s still havin fun without Miggy

  2. oljoe73

    Was that a picture of your mom? Is that wahy she and Mario don’t get along?
    Just kidding!
    Any guy that pop a lock in a Mettalica shirt is one I need to rock out with.

  3. Titans9

    I’ve known Alfredo for over 10 years and he is the most down to earth person there is. He has great family values, he treats people with respect, and he is one of the nicest guys that you would ever want to meet. He comes from a great home, he is not a party animal, and he has fun in everything that he does.On the field he plays the game the right way, respects the game, and is the ultimate teammate. If you all think he is a party animal, you are so far from reality.

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