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VIP At Dolphin Stadium

I’m not sure if it is good luck, or just sheer determination, but I am always on the look out for a way to get free tickets or a good deal for Marlins tickets. A week ago, I entered in the FSN’s Watch and Win Sweepstakes. The very next day, I received a phone call from a young man named Anthony letting me know that I was the winner. I had won 2 tickets to the game, two VIP passes for a meet and greet with KC and the Sunshine Band, and two VIP wrist bands to go on the field for the concert after the game. I let out a shriek and did a little dance. 😉
Once game time came, I was beyond excited. We left our home early, as usual, and were one of the first to arrive. ESPN was even filming at the parking entrance and I got a little camera time. Everything was going very well, until we parked. Mario went to the entrance to reserve our place in line while I went to Will Call to pick up all my goodies. I was the very first in line and had to wait nearly 30 min for the people to get to their booth. (They were running late) Once they came, the woman who was at my counter looked at me and told me my tickets weren’t there and that I had to go to “Media Will Call”. Once arriving to MWC(on the other side of the stadium), the woman there told me my tickets weren’t there either. They were at the other will call. Again, like an idiot, I walked over to the other will call only to be informed they weren’t there. It was ridiculous. I was stuck in a Dolphin’s Stadium ping-pong match and I desperately wanted to get out. Now, with all this time being wasted, Mario had to get out of line because the gates opened and he didn’t have tickets. Mario waited anxiously and I eventually found people to help me and they informed me that my tickets were at the Will Call that I was initially at. Turns out the people at will call were lacking in brain matter and thought it would be easier to turn me away than look for my tickets. FINALLY, with my tickets in hand, Mario and I made our way back to the gate. Then, my flip flop broke. This was turning out to be a horrible day.
Once inside, I went in search of duct tape while Mario stayed near and took photos. What a horrible idea. After finding duct tape, I went to find Mario… only to find myself walking in circles for 45 min. I sat down at a picnic table in defeat when Mario finally found me. We were then rescued by FSN and taken to meet Mr. KC himself. Meeting KC wasn’t a big deal, but the experience of being “backstage” was AWESOME! Mike Jacobs stood next to me and I just completely froze. Then out of nowhere, Jorge Cantu came running by and said “Hey!”. Too cool! We also got to see some Diamondbacks. Kirk Gibson was sporting his uniform and porn star ‘stache prior to the game and Eric Byrnes was hanging out with Benito Santiago.
After meeting the slightly awkward KC, Mario and I toured the Marlins corporate facility and then proceeded to our seats. Our seats weren’t exactly “VIP”, but at $35-45 bucks a pop, I certainly wasn’t going to complain. Andrew Miller did very well the first couple of innings. He struck those Diamondbacks out quickly and with out hesitation. It wasn’t until Dan Uggla was injured and had to leave the game that Miller, as well as the rest of the team, began to do a bit poorly. This game marked the first game that Mario and I had been to that the Marlins lost. It was heartbreaking.
In the 8th inning, we went to the back as usual. I was severely depressed, but tried to cheer myself up by dancing like a fool. (It was “70’s Disco Night”) It worked a bit and by the time players began to come out I was back to being my regular foolish self again. Tom Candiotti was the first to come out. He was kind enough to sign for a few minutes and pose for a photo. A few more players came, but no one really knew who they were. One guy was really disappointed. He looked around a few times before getting on the bus, and then even got off the bus again to make sure no one wanted his auto! I wish I knew his name, I felt kind of bad! Mich Owings then came and EVERY ONE called out his name. He walked to the bus holding his head down, ignoring everyone, and appearing very annoyed. He then took one step onto the bus, turned, and gave everyone a “GOTCHA!” kind of look. It was classic. He then came to sign and pose for a couple of photos. He is great guy. Total class act. 🙂 Last, but not least, was Kirk Gibson. I was surprised to see that everyone was calling him, as well. He went on the bus to put his stuff down, but then came right back out to sign. Sadly, people are animals and were trampling over each other just to get to him. I can’t even tell you how many times I got elbowed, stepped on, or kneed in the butt. It was ridiculous. Mr.Gibson gave a few warnings, but obviously the people there were morons and didn’t want to listen. Kirk had enough and began to leave, but not before posing for ONE photo with an adoring fan, thanks to our friend Mitch. 🙂
All in all, the night was a success. The Marlins may have lost, my shoe may have broken, and I got trampled on, but the days experience was all very well worth it. 🙂

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Logan Kensing and Scott Olsen signing prior to game time

I’ve never seen Scott looking so pleasant.

KC from “KC and the Sunshine Band” just randomly walking by.

I’m still pretty happy despite everything.

Mike Jacobs “backstage”. That is one BIG mofo!

The army of Mermaids!

Benito Santiago and Eric Byrnes.

Benito and I. 🙂

KC and I. 🙂

In the Marlins office

Andrew Miller. He is totally the man. Coolest Marlin!

Tom Candiatti and I 🙂

Micah Owings and I!! 🙂
Definitely an awesome dude!

Kirk Gibson and I 🙂
Scary dude, but very cool!


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