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It’s Been Crazy!

Well, here you have it. Another excuse as to why I haven’t written, but really, this is a good one… my supervisor at work is on vacation and I have been working two jobs. Better than ‘my dog ate my homework’, no? Anyhow, I will be attending the Marlins Vs. Mets game tonight, so I can gauruntee some photos and a post about that one. Hopefully, Marlins won’t stink up the place like they did last night!

So, please be patient with me, as you have always been. Below you can enjoy one of my favorite manager outbursts. Watch as Phillip Wellman goes CRAZY! I’ve been feeling like this for the last week at work! 🙂


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Dominic DiAngi Returns To Wrigley To Throw Out First Pitch

For those of you that are unaware of who Dominic DiAngi is, he is a little boy that got hit in the head by a foul ball in Wrigley Field on July 10th. The foul ball came flying off the bat of Ted Lilly and collided with little Dominic’s head, sending him to the hospital to treat his injuries.

Now, less than a month later, little Dominic returns on his 8th birthday to throw out the first pitch at the Cubs-Marlins game yesterday afternoon. Prior to throwing the first pitch, Dominic handed Lilly a hand written noted that said, “Dear Mr.Lilly, You better put on two chest protectors and a mask because I am coming in high and hard. Your buddy, Dominic”. When it came time for Dominic’s moment on the mound, he was welcomed by a cheering crowd and motioned for Lilly to get into position behind home plate. The boy then threw a long heave, which traveled all 60 feet. Peter DiAngi came onto the field to give his son a congratulatory hug. Lilly then gave Dominic a high-five.

Prior to the game Dominic and his family hung out in the dug out with Lilly getting autographs and having a great time. And when it came time to play ball, to ensure Dominic’s safety, he and his family sat well protected during the game behind the home plate screen.

Dominic with pitcher, Ted Lilly, in the dug out

Dominic with pitcher, Ted Lilly, in the dug out

Dominic launches the ceremonial first pitch to catcher Ted Lilly

Dominic launches the ceremonial first pitch to "catcher" Ted Lilly

Dominics dad gives him a warm congratulatory hug after throwing the pitch

Dominic's dad gives him a warm congratulatory hug after throwing the pitch

Dominic walks off the field accompanied by his father and Cubs pitcher,Ted Lilly

Dominic walks off the field accompanied by his father and Cubs pitcher,Ted Lilly

Lilly high-fives little Dominic after throwing the first pitch

Lilly high-fives little Dominic after throwing the first pitch

All pictures courtesy of


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Steve Bartman Is A P*ssy

I’m not sure who is dumb enough to pass up $25,000.00 at a time like this. Have you seen gas prices lately?

It has been nearly 5 years since Steve Bartman’s incident at Wrigley field, but apparently Bartman still feels his life is in danger. Bartman has decided to turn down the offer of $25,000 to autograph the infamous photo at The Nationals on July 31st. His family representative says, “It’s just another shameless commercial stunt”. Even if it is, the money that the autographed photo would have sold for would have been given to a Chicago based charity. The autograph was estimated to have been sold for $100,000.00.

Bartman, who has kept low profile since that fateful day, once turned down an offer “well into six figures” to simply appear in a Super Bowl commercial.

Well, I know that most people have moved on since he ruined the game for the Cubs, but I know people will now hate him again for being a coward.

Way to go, Steve.


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Steve Bartman: 2008’s Most Sought After Autograph?

I am almost positive each and every one of you know who Steve Bartman is, but in case you were living under a rock back in 2003, Steve Bartman is a Cubs fan who had all eyes on him on October 14th when he attempted to catch a foul ball during plays offs against the Florida Marlins. It was the eigth inning, Mark Prior was pitching a three hit shut out for the Cubs. The Florida Marlins had Juan Pierre on second and Luis Castillo was up to bat. The Cubs were winning the game, 3-0, leading the series 3 games to 2. The Cubs were merely 5 outs away from getting to the World Series since 1945 and were simply 5 outs away from attempting to win a World Series since 1908.

Bartman was sitting in front row along the left field wall behind the bullpen when a foul ball popped off of Castillo’s bat drifted over to him. Moises Alou ran over in an attempt to catch the ball. He lept and reached into the seating area in hopes to make the catch, but instead all he grabbed was air, for Bartman had his eye on the ball and didn’t notice the fielder.

Steve Bartman became a walking target in Chicago after that. Within minutes, his personal information was posted in the MLB message boards and received harrassing phone calls which led to police protection and his eventual move from Chicago to an undisclosed location.

Now, nearly 5 years later, after all has been forgotten (supposedly), a sports collectors website,, has offered Steve Bartman $25,000.00 to appear at the National Sports Collector’s Convention in Chicago, IL on July 31st at 1:00pm central time, prove that he is the real Steve Bartman and “not just some earphone wearing imposter”, and autograph the infamous photograph taken on that fateful day back in 2003. If Bartman does agree to attend the convention, has stated that the autograph will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to a local charity.

Will Steve Bartman come out of hiding to claim his $25,000.00? I certainly would.


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Phillies Can’t Handle The Fish

It isn’t out of the ordinary for Mario and I to show up to a Marlins game a good 2 or 3 hours prior to the game. On this steamy Sunday morning, Mario and I arrived at Dolphin Stadium at 10:00 AM. We parked in our usual VIP spot (employee parking) and made our way over to the player parking to see if we could snag anyone’s attention. Doug Waechter appeared to have just rolled out of bed, wearing a blue fishing shirt, khaki short, and holding a Starbucks coffee. He turned instatnly when I called out his name and walked quite some distance to us just to take a photo. Alfredo Amezaga arrived in a dark gray Pontiac wearing a black Metallica t-shirt, and as usual was very friendly. I yelled out his name and he responded with an ear to ear grin and a frantic wave. Reynel Pinto sped into the parking area blasting “A Milli” by Lil’ Wayne, but still managed to smile and wave when I yelled out his name. More players came, and went. Lastly was Chris Volstad, I attempted to get a photo, but he was obviously running late for his team meeting or something because he pointed towards something and began to ‘speed walk’ after we requested a photo. I don’t hold it against him. He’s from Palm Springs….

We made our way to the gates, got free Marlins bags, and then I got to take a photo with Kevin Gregg. I was having a blast until we got to our seats and the horrendous Florida sun attacked me with all it’s might. If anyone is considering moving to Florida, please don’t. I lathered myself with SPF 45 sun block on four different occasions and STILL got sunburn. I quickly forgot about the sun when I heard some idiot Philly fan taunting Dan Uggla. “Hey, how many ‘E’s in Uggla?”. Uggla just smiled. “That’s a good one.” Uggla definitely took it better than me. I would never last at Yankee Stadium. I get too defensive too easily, and nearly killed a few Philly fans. The game came and went. There was a softball home run derby, Ryan Howard impressed, and Cantu saved us in the 11th inning, giving the Marlins and Doug Waechter the win.

Despite the Phillies losing the game, the majority were very kind and signed. Taguchi signed for a good 10 min, as did Joe Blanton, and Jamie Moyer. Moyer cursed a few fans for complaining and completely ignored my multiple requests for a photo. Ah well, at least he signed. All in all, I was very happy with how the day went.

Doug Waechter and I
Karma took care of him after taking some time to pose for a photo.

Kevin Gregg and I

Dan Uggla is awesome 🙂

This man is obnoxious

Autographed softball by Home Run Derby winner, Brett Helmer

J.J. !!!!!

A swing…

And a miss.

He was being camera shy. 🙂

Reynel Pinto

Mr. “Boo? F*ck ya’ll” himself

Attempting to shield myself from Hell

“My name is Cole Hamels and I’m gonna strike this guy out.”

“Here we go. Get ready!”

“Alright, now watch this!”

“Oh God damn it.”

So Taguchi: The Silent Signer

Mr.Moyer: signing tons of baseballs that you can now find on Ebay,
but rejecting a photo with a sincere fan.


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Seven Year Old Boy Suffers Skull Fracture

There are dangers all over this world. From the obvious places like slums to unsuspecting places like your local mall. The chance of something horrible happening to you or your child is lurking around each and every corner. However, being at risk was the last thing on Peter DiAngi’s mind when he decided to take his 7 year old son to his very first Major League game at Wrigley Field.

Paul and his son, Dominic, were sitting behind the Cubs dugout during an afternoon game, when all of a sudden Dominic was struck in the head by a foul ball hit off of Cubs pitcher, Ted Lilly’s, bat. Paramedics rushed over and took the boy to Children’s Memorial Hospital to treat the skull fracture. The child was put on a breathing machine and given medication to reduce brain swelling.

Ted Lilly and Derrek Lee both came to the hospital this passed Saturday to visit little Dominic. The youngster was released from the hospital on Wednesday and proudly wore his Cubs cap while meeting with reporters. A very grateful Peter DiAngi said that his son has his ‘same old twinkle in his eye’. Dominic is doing very well and is very thankful for the care package the Cubs sent over to him, which included an autographed ball from the team, Ryan Theriot’s glove, a signed bat from Mark DeRosa and other memorabilia .

Dominic DiAngi with his sister, Cecilia, at a little league game.
Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune.


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Florida Marlins Pitcher Goes On 15-Day DL

I knew there had to be a reason that Andrew Miller was performing so badly his last 10 starts. He isn’t horrible or a lost cause like most would believe, he was doing a terrible job because he was pitching in pain. A few months ago, I had reported that Andrew Miller had knee tendonitis and it seems as though this ailing gremlin has come back to haunt Andrew. The Marlins announced last night that Andrew would be put on a 15 Day DL. The struggling pitcher has been dealing with knee tendonitis since last season. Josh Johnson will now start on Sunday’s game against the Phillies and Chris Volstad will move up to Monday’s start to take Johnson’s place. I can only pray that Miller will make a speedy recover and come back to join the Marlins feeling as strong as a bull. Hopefully, when Andrew returns, he will be able to improve his 5.63 ERA and add some wins to his 5-9 record.

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