Florida Marlins: WOW!

As exciting as Marlins games are, I am really beginning to get concerned for my blood pressure and for the condition of my heart. Whether you are a Marlins fan, or just a baseball fan, you really have to admit that while watching this ball club play, there is never a dull moment. The Florida Marlins are a team that you will die with if they suffer an agonizing loss, and they are a team that you will pop a bottle with if they get the win. Thanks to Hanley Ramirez and Josh Willingham, this evening all Florida Marlins fans are celebrating a triumphant walk off win.
The Marlins can live and die by the home run, but this evening we lived and flourished in the home run. Hopefully, we can be victorious with the rest of the series with the Washington Nationals. LET’S GO MARLINS!

After missing nearly 2/3 of the season due to an injury,
I am glad to say WELCOME BACK, HAMMER!



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4 responses to “Florida Marlins: WOW!

  1. Yeah, what an awesome game! Man, did I miss having his bat around Dolphin Stadium.

  2. The Marlins are admittedly a great team to watch. (We truly learned that when they played the Dbacks.)

  3. nyhitman23

    Who is “The Hammer?” Yeah, i’m dumb when it comes to the Marlins. Only because i’m a Pirates and Yankees fan! The Pirates come first, of course!

  4. “The Hammer” is Josh Willingham. He is awesome. 🙂

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