Madonna shags a rod?

Not just any rod, A-Rod to be exact. US Weekly is reporting that the Yankee slugger has been making late night visits to Madonna’s Central Park apartment. An annoymous source claims to have seen A-Rod sneaking out of the Pop Queen’s apartment late at night. Neither Madonna’s or A-Rod’s people are talking, so everyone is just speculating right now.
Perez Hilton of claims that sources have exclusively revealed to him that the singer and athlete are nothing more than friends and met through mutual friends. But, what is this? The Diva was reportedly spotted at one of A-Rod’s games… in his seats and A Rod was spotted at one of the singer’s concerts. Coincidence? Maybe he just loves super girly music?
Regardless, something does seem a bit off considering Madonna has always had a thing for hispanic ball players. (Did everyone forget about Jose Canseco?) But seriously, I was hoping that if A-Rod was going to score with a pop star diva, it wouldn’t have been one that was old enough to be his mother. Madonna may look good for her age, and even if A-Rod is attracted to women with muscles, you’d think he would at least be a little frightened by her. Has anyone seen this woman’s arms lately?!?!
Ah well, at least we now have a reason as to why Madonna’s marriage is on the fritz.




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6 responses to “Madonna shags a rod?

  1. MetsManiacinNH

    Guess she’s got her tickets to the “gun show”.

    /kinda threw up in my mouth a little.

  2. nyhitman23

    Isn’t A-Rod married? Wasn’t George Herman “Babe” Ruth married as well when he had numerous encounters with women? Several (MANY) sports figures, and presidents, have had extra marital affairs so this simply isn’t news. It’s just a case of ANOTHER personality who you don’t want your child/children to idolize.

  3. Well, check this out. Now recent news is that A-Rod’s wife took the kids, filed for divorce and left A-Rod for….. Lenny Kravitz?
    Yeah. Well, there ya go. What a crazy world.

  4. Lonestarr misses the internet

    Scareroids… 😦

  5. crazytrain

    who would touch this whore. if she had as many “rods” sticking out of her as she has had in her she’d look like a damn porcupine. what a skank. seems like he could get his hands on something younger, less damaged goods.

  6. I think A-Rod is brainwashed. That’s the only excuse I can give for his poor choice of booty.


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