Chris Volstad to Answer Our Prayers?

It seems that someone from the Marlins managment team finally decided to listen to their fans. As I slept peacefully last night, after another pathetic loss, the Marlins decided to sent Taylor “tank the f*cking game” Tankersley back down to the minors. I still say they shouldn’t have ever brought him back up in the first place, but these people love to make mistakes, so I won’t be surprised if the “Tank” makes another appearance before this season is up.
They have decided to call up Chris Volstad; who will start in the place of Mark Hendrickson in today’s game against the Rockies. Hopefully, this means that Mark Hendrickson will now be in our bullpen, which would be an answer to all of our prayers.
Volstad, a 21 year old pitcher from Palm Beach Gardens, FL with a 3.36 ERA, was drafted the 16th pick in the 2005 MLB draft by the Florida Marlins. Standing at 6’8 and weighing in at 220lbs, he is definitely an intimidating presence on the mound. I can only hope that this young right handed pitcher can turn things around for us. Chris, for your sake, the Marlins sake, and for the sake of Marlins fans, please do your best to prevent a sweep at the hands of the Rockies!


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  1. Volstad looked great when I saw him playing for the Carolina Mudcats earlier this year. Hopefully he’s ready for the big leagues!

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