Greetings From Cuba!

This evening after getting home from work, I walked to the mailbox expecting to grab a handful of bills that I can’t afford, but instead, I was surprised. Inside my mailbox was a bubble mailer. Did my postal man make a mistake? I brought the thick envelope with my name on it inside. I was hesitant to open it. What could it possibly be? I don’t exactly collect anymore…. (I have to be honest with everyone, my baseball card collecting days pretty much died after the Derek Jeter incident. I tried replacing Jeter with an awesome Marlin, but even that didn’t do it for me. I still enjoy busting boxes, but there isn’t anyone that I look forward to getting.) I opened the package and found a wonderful gift inside. Two packs worth of 1994 Cuban cards! I hadn’t heard of any of these guys before, although I am sure I am related to at least one of them. The cards are great. There were no autos, no game used relics, but instead they had creative photography and for me it was an extra treat to have a connection with something from the ‘motherland’. Thanks to Trader Crack’s for the generous gift. 🙂


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