A-Rod Passes Mantle With 537

It seems as though A-Rod has been in the spot light for everything other than his baseball skills. Affairs, divorces, and Kabbalah are a few topics the All Star’s name has been mentioned in and while I could have very well jumped on the bandwagon and joined in on the gossip… again, all the clever titles have already been taken. So, I have decided to cut Alex some slack and shy away from the mess that his life has become and attempt to put some focus back onto his baseball career.

Today, A-Rod hit a 3-2 pitch off of left handed Blue Jays pitcher, Brian Tallet; driving that baby all the way to the left field pole, giving him his 19th homer of the season and giving Rodriguez his 537th career home run. A-Rod has now passed Mickey Mantle and has placed himself at number thirteen on the career list. While Alex had tied Mantle last Sunday with a solo homer against Boston, this is the one that really made it count.

Congratulations, Alex. Let’s celebrate by keeping your pants on. 🙂



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2 responses to “A-Rod Passes Mantle With 537

  1. Is Maodonna’s publicity team planting stories and digging around A-Rods sexual past to get “The Queen” Madonna looking good and not so sleazey?
    Didn’t Madonna screw three rappers and make into a glossy book(SEX)? Didn’t she jump on Deniis Rodman for a bit?
    Doesn’t Madonna make out with girls on stage?
    and she wasn’t sucking on A-Rod while his wife was preggo?Doesn’t Guy Richie listen to Black Sabbath any more or drop acid?..and she wouldn’t screw him over in the press(A-Rod)to save her image and sell another ticket?
    Was she desperate when she sold out to teh Gap ads after her record failed(American Life)?
    Does Madonna use other famous people to stay afloat? Would she use them(other famous persons/ sports starz/celebrities/producers/brothers) and hate it secretly and want to destroy them in the process to conquer and survive?
    Doesn’t Madonna use other peoples art/music/film idea’s and creative pursuits to sell herself?
    Didn’t Madonna brainwash her husband into the Klahballhala?
    Isn’t Madonna hated by a mass number of past employee’s she fired?
    Did she laugh when her stylist got raped?
    Did she force Vanilla Ice to have sex?
    Did Madonna have a friend who killed a bunch of people?
    Is Madonna really serious?
    Is Madonna a corporate media head or independent artist.

  2. The answer to all of these is yes….

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