Jason Giambi Mustache Day

I think everyone is finally beginning to grow fond of Giambi’s porn star ‘stache. Not because it graces his face, but because perhaps the crazy mustache has magical powers and has helped Giambi to perform better as a player. Giambi began to grow this thing during his early season slump, but now has 18 homers and 54 RBI! As a tribute to Giambi’s furry little friend, the New York Yankees declared this past Wednesday “Jason Giambi Mustache Day”. Many fans have decided to support Giambi by sporting their own 70’s style stache, as has manager Joe Girardi and fellow teammate Mike Mussina.

Whatever you do Jason, don’t shave that thing off!

Teammate Mike Mussina sportin’ the ‘stache.



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2 responses to “Jason Giambi Mustache Day

  1. JamesNYY

    Giambi’s mustache is awesome. Could anyone get a mustache at the game? I was just googling about this. Check out this shirt I found about it.


    I think I have to order one.

  2. James,

    I appreciate the link. We are also donating a percentage of the sales to a NYC-based charity. We are trying to get into contact with Jason himself to see if he has a charity of his own. Can anyone help with this?

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