The Homerun King Out Of A Job

Y’know, it’s funny. I never realized just how many people hated Barry Bonds. Whether it’s because Barry is a lying sack of sh*t cheater or if it’s just simply because of some ridiculous “conspiracy”, I am just happy that these people are on my side! As the season ended last year, Mario and I dreaded to see whose team Bonds would end up on, and to our surprise, not one MLB team snagged the home run king. As it looked, if Barry wanted to play, he would have to fly half way around the world to Japan, but not even that fell through for him. The first half of this 2008 season had gone smoothly, with out Barry Bonds, but now as we enter the second half, you see Bonds’ agent scrambling to find a team that wants the steroids injecting freak. However, every team that has been rumored to have been interested in Bonds is quickly shying away and firmly stating that they have no interest in adding Bonds to their teams because of chemistry issues and other nonsense. Barry’s agent is in utter disbelief having been quoted, “I can’t believe he doesn’t have a job. No one has offered even the minimum salary.”
The White Sox, Diamondbacks, and others have been teams to turn away Mr.Bonds. It doesn’t seem like any major league team will be giving in and offering Bonds a spot on their roster for the remaining of this year or next. All I can hope is that it will stay this way.
Baseball is a much better sport sans one dishonest cheater.



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2 responses to “The Homerun King Out Of A Job

  1. You said it well. Oddly enough, there are many people who say he’s been quite pleasant to them–as opposed to the fans who are yelling all kinds of nasty things at him. So there may be another side to the story of his personality. But there clearly isn’t another side to the story of whether he used steroids (ie, cheated) because…well, look at his more current baseball cards vs. ones from years ago. He doesn’t even resemble himself.

  2. His physical appearance aside, look at his numbers! There is no doubt that he was a ‘roid pusher.

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