For The Love Of Baseball’s FIRST OFFICIAL Contest

I’ve assisted in many contests over at Wax Heaven, hell I even sponsored one, but this will be my very first official contest sponsored and conducted by me. So, let’s get started!

The rules for this contest are simple, watch the All Star game. You will need to choose one player who you think will drive in at least one run. Once that player has been chosen, he is off limits to anyone else. If your chosen player reaches their goal, you will automatically reach round two where the winner will be chosen.

The winner of the contest will receive a 2007 SPX Derek Jeter game used relic numbered 036/199 from my personal collection, along with a hand written letter of congratulations signed by both Mario Alejandro and myself. All players must be chosen through a comment and submissions will be closed at 12:00pm Eastern Standard time on Tuesday July 15th.

You can find the 2008 All Star Roster for both American and National league teams here.

Good luck to everyone! 🙂



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32 responses to “For The Love Of Baseball’s FIRST OFFICIAL Contest

  1. FYI: Mario and myself cannot participate in the contest. 🙂

    Good luck everybody!

  2. C74

    I’ll take A-Rod of course! =)

  3. matt harwood

    I will take Ichiro


  5. awsome

    Chase Utley Philles Baby Phillies

  6. Henry

    Derek Jeter is my pick

  7. Alec

    I’ll go with Grady Sizemore

  8. good contest idea.
    Josh Hamilton

  9. i’ll go with chipper jones

  10. MetsManiacinNH

    Being the Mets Maniac I am, I go with David Wright.

  11. whitesoxcards

    Joe Crede

  12. Very good idea indeed! =)

  13. darkship

    I’ll take Fukedome

  14. Brian

    Hanley Ramirez. HR in the first inning…

  15. Joe

    Ryan Braun.

    Thanks for the contest!

  16. Eric Slette

    Joe Mauer (wishful thinking?)

  17. I refuse to watch baseball because it just drives me crazy that they are always spitting! And also because they have beer sponsors. I will never watch it.

  18. Well, now that’s just that craziest thing I’ve ever heard! But thanks for sharing your opinion, Cindybin. 🙂

  19. Cindy, you just might be the nuttiest person on the Internet.

    I make that assumption after spending half an hour on your site and blog. Holy cow.

    30+ chapters on an instant message argument???

    “She now spends her days playing with dolls and talking to herself.”


  20. Maybe ‘Cindybin’ is code for Looneybin?

  21. Got to go with the Cubbies, Baby!

    Aramis Ramirez

  22. inbodyexperience

    Kevin Youkillis!
    I can’t wait for the homerun derby tonight! It’s just plain old fun!

  23. obliviuscaesar

    Geovany Soto

  24. The HR Derby was a great event… too bad Hamilton couldn’t come through in the finals. Tonight should be a great game. For some reason, I think the NL will take the game 7-6. But A-Rod will come through for me with a 3-run HR. =)

  25. Since Aramis is already gone, I’ll take your homeboy Uggla.

  26. nick

    Ill take Albert Pujols

  27. anthony

    Michael Young YES YES Yes

  28. Okay everyone, the polls are now closed! Make sure to watch the All Star Game this evening. Good luck to all! 🙂