Tim Lincecum Has Doomed Us All!

Standing at merely 5’11 and 170lbs, Tim Lincecum is easily one of the smallest pitchers in the MLB. But don’t let that fool you; his long stride and sharp mechanics will put you in your place quickly. Lincecum had come to the Bronx to make an appearance at the All Star Game on behalf of the Giants, but his jersey and hat hang untouched in the locker room between Ben Sheets and Edison Volquez. His small presence is lacking and I think it is safe to say that his long stride and sharp mechanics will be missed in today’s All Star game.

Okay, so Tim Lincecum is in the hospital with the flu, but that’s no reason not to be able to play in the game this evening! Right? The 24 year old was hospitalized earlier today with dehydration and flu like symptoms. Lincecum missed the All Star Game Red Carpet this afternoon, so I can confidently say that he isn’t faking it. Lincecum is 11-2 in his second year with the Giants, he leads the majors with 135 strike outs, and his 2.57 ERA is 4th best among starters. His arm will be greatly missed in this All Star game.

Hope you get better quickly, Timmy Boy!



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2 responses to “Tim Lincecum Has Doomed Us All!

  1. inbodyexperience

    He must be pretty bad off to miss the All Star game. I think I would crawl out there if I had the ability and I bet he would have if he could. Hope he gets better soon.

  2. I feel bad for the guy, but there is always next year. He just needs to focus on getting healthy so when the All Star break is over, he will be ready to go for his team.

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